So, Jim Rogers, tell us what you really think. And his latest book, Street Smarts: Adventures on the Road and in the Markets, exuberantly. Street Smarts has ratings and 90 reviews. Erwin said: Excellent. Couldn't put it down. Jim Rogers best thinking distilled.I've been a fan of Rogers. Wall Street legend and bestselling author Jim Rogers offers investing insights and economic, political, and social analysis, drawing on lessons and observations.


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The short sellers start coming in. The stock might then street smart jim rogers Without short sellers, it would go to Without short sellers, there would be no sellers at all—there would be no liquidity, things would go nuts.

Street Smarts by Jim Rogers |

Short sellers temper the mania. Let us say the short sellers are wrong. They have to cover street smart jim rogers shorts, and they are summarily forced out of the market. And the stock goes to where it would have gone anyway.

Investment Genius Looks Back

But suppose the short sellers are right—and, by the way, short sellers have a better record than most on Wall Street—and the stock starts heading toward a collapse. Everyone street smart jim rogers in a panic, begging to get out. Everyone is screaming to sell.

But street smart jim rogers the stock crashing, there are no buyers. Well there is one group of buyers, actually: Street smart jim rogers have to buy back the stock.

They have to replace the stock they borrowed. They have to cover their shorts. So in the collapse, the stock does not drop as much as it might have. A stock that might have gone down to 3 goes down only to, say, 8.

Street Smarts: Adventures on the Road and in the Markets by Jim Rogers

So short sellers are good for the market. They have saved you from buying the street smart jim rogers stock at —if you bought at the top, you bought at 90, instead—and when you dump, thanks to the short seller, you will be able to get out at 8 rather than 3.

Short selling has prevailed for some four hundred years because, after being street smart jim rogers repeatedly in the marketplace, it has shown itself to be valuable. Do not worry about making mistakes in life.

Book review: Street Smarts: Adventures on the Road and in the Markets

It is good to street smart jim rogers money, to go broke at least once, and preferably twice. But if you are going to do it, do it early in your career.

Do it early, and it is not the street smart jim rogers of the world. Losing everything can be a beneficial experience, because it teaches you how much you do not know. And if you can come back from a failure or two, chances are you are going to be more successful in the long run.


There are countless stories of very successful people who failed once, twice, three times, and then came back. Mike Bloomberg got fired from Salomon Brothers, and it was the best thing that ever happened to him. He started his own company, delivering business information, and now he is one of the richest guys in the world.

There is nothing wrong with failing if you learn from your street smart jim rogers.