Laura Micozzi, Il catalogo degli eroi. Saggio di commento a Stazio Tebaide 4, Testi e commenti, 4. Pisa: Edizioni della Normale, 0 ReviewsWrite review?id=AgtZAAAAcAAJ. La Tebaide di Stazio. By Publius Papinius Statius. Saggio di commento a Stazio, "Tebaide", 1, Testo italiano e latino by Briguglio Stefano, , available at Book Depository with free delivery.


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Eine umfangreiche Bibliographie S. Dass Macht und Herrschaft als eines stazio tebaide Hauptthemen des statianischen Theben-Epos anzusehen sind, darf heute als unstrittig gelten. Ein typisches Charakteristikum dieses Machtdiskurses, das Denken in Oppositionen, teilen beide Texte.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

So leisten die Silven einen Beitrag zur Legitimation stazio tebaide flavischen Machthaber gerade in Abgrenzung zur neronischen Zeit z.

Ausgehend von Stellen wie Theb. Kapitel 2 befasst sich mit stazio tebaide Theben-Mythos, seinen tragischen wie epischen Implikationen und wiederum der Sonderstellung des Theseus als deus ex machina auftritt, wie schon in der Forschung bemerkt wurde.

In einer subtilen Interpretation von Theb. Eteocle prepara un'imboscata che poi fallisce.

Argo decide di muovere guerra a Tebe. Sette eroi argivi scelti muovono contro Tebe: She promises a further volume to complete the book; this will be a boon to Statian scholars who currently have no separate commentary on the whole of Thebaid 4, though another is promised by Ruth Parkes stazio tebaide the completion of her Oxford DPhil thesis commentary on stazio tebaide.

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With commentaries on Thebaid 1 imminent from Cambridge and doctoral dissertations on 2 and 5 in progress at Otago and Groningen, the scholarly student of the first half of Statius' epic will have further modern volumes to add to Snijder on 3 ; on the second half we have Hans Smolenaars on 7Michael Dewar on 9R.

The text under commentary here consists of the catalogue of the Seven against Thebes, a neatly separable part of the book, and M. Her introductory material is relatively brief, with short sections on the density of Statian intertextuality, on the arrangement of the catalogue, its place stazio tebaide catalogue tradition and its innovations, on Thebaid 4 and its place in the poem, and on Statius' mannerist style.

The connection with the presentation of the champions in Aeschylus' Stazio tebaide is rightly raised note that the two are about the stazio tebaide length in lines ; the potential but largely impenetrable contribution of the lost epic Thebaid tradition Antimachus and earlier is perhaps rightly not entered into, and it is understandable that M.

La Tebaide di Stazio di Selvaggio Porpora

M has a real gift for identifying thematically related parallels which are genuinely instructive and which repeatedly illuminate Statius' text. In what follows, I will comment on individual notes, indicating stazio tebaide of interest and debate.

The commentary is full of fine exegesis and valuable material, and I have naturally picked out more points of contestation than stazio tebaide agreement here. Good discussion of potential pun on the book-number, on the chronological problems here, and on the delay between catalogue stazio tebaide war a variation on Homer and Vergil.

Right to adopt miseris SB, Hall stazio tebaide Hill's miseri a complement is surely needed here for data. Comment needed on the spondeiazon Larisaea which links the line with Catullus Dewar's note on 9.


Excellent material on the 'farewell episode' tradition, on 'arms stazio tebaide with tears', and kissing through helmets. Excellent discussion of Lucretian links, the names of the Seven and stazio tebaide literary antecedents for Adrastus.

Good note on adjectives in -fer and -ger.