Crosscurrent has ratings and reviews. Olivia said: I have read enough Star Wars books to know that when it comes to my favorite fake galaxy, th. Crosscurrent (Star Wars, book 1) by Paul S Kemp - book cover, description, publication history. About Crosscurrent: Star Wars Legends. An ancient Sith ship hurtles into the future carrying a lethal cargo that could forever destroy Luke Skywalker's hopes for.


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Crosscurrent: Star Wars Legends

Apparently he was star wars cross current for murdering some people in the Legacy series, a situation that was morally and politically compromising and caused him to question, in theory, the relationship between the Jedi and the Galactic Alliance, as well as the moral compass capacities of his intuitive sense of the dark and light sides of the Force.

If that weren't bad enough, we have not one but two totally bizarre and dumb sci-fi concepts included for no good reason and no good effect. The main hook references Star wars cross current dabbling in cloning techniques in order to establish the most mundane and pointless diabolical lab-creations gone wrong trope.

The best reason I can come up with to justify this decision is that Kemp wanted an opportunity to write about a bunch of gore and bodily fluids and gross stuff.

Star Wars: Crosscurrent - Wikipedia

The closest thing Crosscurrent has to a female character is a personified cloning cylinder full of gore and severed body parts. Kemp has apparently married a woman, so theoretically he should know they exist.

But if Mother is his idea of a female character, perhaps his author bio is concealing a darker star wars cross current Presumably because Kemp couldn't come up with a better way to make the story interesting for pages, he threw in an extra elaborate sci-fi device: Crosscurrent star wars cross current up the other side of the space battle that launched John Jackson Miller's Lost Tribe of the Sith series.

Crosscurrent (Star Wars, book 1) by Paul S Kemp

While the Sith star wars cross current of the Omen traveled from the time of Naga Sadow past the Legacy era just by hanging out and colonizing the planet, their counterparts on the Harbinger employed some quirk of hyperspace and relativity known only to purveyors of cheap plot devices.

The whole point of hyperspace is to negate the effects of relativity and allow galaxy spanning stories take place in one coherent time frame.


The alternative doesn't really make much sense — traveling at near light speed in real space, as the Harbinger does here, should employ far more energy than the ship contains. But of course none of that really matters star wars cross current Star Wars has never been hard sci-fi, and I'm willing to suspend disbelief on plenty of things if they are more or less consistent, and even if they're not as long as there's star wars cross current decent narrative reason for it.


At this point in the review, you star wars cross current no longer be surprised to learn that that is not the case in Crosscurrent. While all this happens, Jaden is being stalked by Kell Douro, an Anzati who drains people's lives away, and finds Jaden to be a delicious meal.


On the moon, Jaden and Khedryn find a dead and deserted base. The two of them get separated, and Khedryn is nearly killed by Douro.

But Douro decides not to quench his appetite with Khedryn, and remains ever-vigilant to consume Jaden's life. Jaden, meanwhile, finds star wars cross current source of the dark side in the form of a deranged clone star wars cross current Jedi Master Kam Solusar.

Though Jaden loses most of his fingers in one hand, he kills the clone in combat, but is nearly killed by Douro. Douro, however, is killed himself when Khedryn shoots his brains out at point-blank range with his blaster.

Crosscurrent | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

A five-thousand-year-old dreadnaught -- bringing with it a full force of Sith and one lone Jedi -- has inadvertently catapulted star wars cross current from the past into the present.

The ship's weapons may not be cutting-edge, but its cargo, a special ore that makes those who use the dark side nearly invincible, is unsurpassed. The ancient Jedi on board is determined to destroy the Sith. But for Jaden, star wars cross current more is at stake: The Lignan allows a Force-sensitive to strenghten their connection to the dark sideand Saes believes that his shipment will turn the tide of the current battle at Kirrekand heighten his standing among the Sith.