Free summary and analysis of the events in Vladimir Nabokov's Spring in Fialta that won't make you snore. We promise. Find Spring In Fialta by Nabokov, Vladimir at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers. Scholars generally agree that "Spring in Fialta" is Vladimir Nabokov's greatest short story. It is tightly woven, beautifully composed, elaborately intricate, and all.


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Are his senses as wide open as he originally claimed they were? Almost all other commentators on this story take Victor at face value.

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He purports to be telling us of a love affair with this tantalising and somewhat promiscuous woman which has lasted on and off for fifteen years. And Lee only begins to suspect an element of the Double in the relationship between Victor and Ferdinand Lee,p.

He thinks he is telling us the truth, but the reader is given spring in fialta enough information within his account to recognise that he is failing to understand the world he is in, deluding himself regarding Nina, misrepresenting people and their motives, and often behaving in a gauchely spring in fialta manner.

We begin with his own claim to be sensitive, which he repeats for emphasis: Quite apart from the florid vanity and the absurd anthropomorphism of this claim, all the subsequent evidence he offers proves that on the contrary he responds inappropriately to just about everything — but most of all to Nina.

He cannot find a term precise enough to define the nature of the relationship he has with her — and inattentive readers are given every opportunity to assume that it is of a conventionally romantic nature.

Yet right from the outset spring in fialta are also spring in fialta clues that it is at the very least a one-sided affair.


In fact on all the occasions he describes except one he is put out by the fact that she either ignores him spring in fialta has forgotten him. On the first occasion that they meet, even though he knows that she is engaged to be married, spring in fialta makes a physical advance to her which she reciprocates very briefly: Then on the second meeting — and this is quite some time later — he assumes a degree of intimacy which could not possibly be justified, and he even imputes knowledge of it to others: He does this knowing that the one brief kiss they have exchanged is not sufficient basis for such a claim.

And in addition he is physically importunate yet again: This pattern of behaviour is repeated on each of the subsequent occasions he recalls, with the added twist to his erotomania that spring in fialta becomes absurdly jealous and possessive of her.

Spring In Fialta by Nabokov, Vladimir

He has absolutely no evidence for these suppositions, but he goes on making them nevertheless. Petersburg during the Bolshevik Revolution inwhen it spring in fialta a violent and not-so-fun time to be in the political center of Russiaand that leading lady Nina is supposed to be the motherland.


Many notice that Nabokov explores the same themes in "Spring in Fialta" that crop up in his works time and time again: Regardless of how you choose to interpret "Spring in Fialta," we promise its prose will knock your socks off. So have at it. The two of them had a brief but passionate encounter not that passionate — all clothes spring in fialta on, and besides, it was outside in the snow at a party, though Nina was engaged to be married at the spring in fialta.

For the next fifteen years, and up until the present in Fialta, Victor bumped into Nina again and again, in the oddest of places and by the strangest of spring in fialta. These encounters sometimes, though not always, were romantic yes, now we are talking about sexeven after they were both married to other people.

Victor is not so happy about this.