These relays are suitable for domestic appliance, office machine, audio, equipment, automobile, etc. The relay plays the role as a protector or a circuit switch. SPDT 12 Volt 30/40 Amp Heavy Duty 5 Wire Relay and Socket. Use for lighting, remote start, trunk popup and more. Defective products can be changed during. So i have buy 12V SPDT(5 pins) Relay, & when i Supply 7V to its Coil, it begins to Operate. so my question is . 1) Is 12v the MAX volts it can.


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The carrier board routes the three relay control pins to 0. The assembled version of this board has a 0.

5 Pin Mini SPDT Relay 12V 10A V Philippines | Makerlab Electronics

The relay switch pins are routed to a set of large pads intended for use with a 3-pin 5mm-pitch terminal block and a set of smaller pads with a 0. Anytime you want to switch a device which draws more current than is spdt relay 12v by an output of a switch or component you'll need to use a relay. The coil of an SPDT or an SPST relay that we most commonly use draws very little current less than milliamps and the amount of current that you spdt relay 12v pass through a relay's common, normally closed, and normally open contacts will handle up to 30 or 40 amps.


This allows you to switch devices such as headlights, parking lights, horns, etc. In some cases you may need to switch multiple things at the same time using one output.

Pololu Basic SPDT Relay Carrier with 12VDC Relay (Assembled)

There are far too many applications to list that require the use of a relay, but we do show many of the most popular applications in the pages that follow and many more in our Relay Diagrams - Quick Reference application.

If you are still unclear about what a relay does or if you should use one after you browse through the rest of this section, please post a question in the12volt's Install Bay. Relays and Relay Diagrams: This is the terminal of the relay where you connect the first part of your circuit to.

Now that we know what each terminal pin represents, we now wire it to a circuit for it to do a real-world function. We're going to connect a single pole double throw relay to a circuit to light up spdt relay 12v LED.

spdt relay 12v

12v SPDT relay Works only on 12Volts? | All About Circuits

When the relay isn't powered, the red LED is lit and stays on. This is the spdt relay 12v below: Since the relay is rated for 12V, it should receive 12 volts in order to power on. It may work with less voltage, but 12V is really what it should receive. This goes into either side of the COIL terminals.

Even if you switched the spdt relay 12v and negative voltage of the power supply, it should work exactly the same.