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Voyage astral

Parapsycho- Out-of-body Experience Psychical Research, logical Parapsychology Scientific Lucid Dream Biology, Psychology, Sleep Research Because of the development of the EEG as a tool in sleep research, which gained widespread usage in the s following the work of Aserinsky and Kleitmansortie astrale are now able to define each of the above 6 conscious sleep sortie astrale in terms of electrophysiological correlates.

This in itself is a implicit reliance on scientific paradigms of these states. However, some of these states, particularly the lucid dream and hypnagogic sortie astrale have been described in Western literature for close to years.

Earlier descriptions of these states did not have the luxury of defining EEG correlates and thus, these states were described primarily in subjective, experiential, and phenomenological terms.

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Some of sortie astrale earliest workers who described altered states of consciousness which resemble in almost all respects what we now call "lucid dreams" were D'Hervey de Saint-DenysCharles LeadbeaterFrederik Willems Van Eeden Oliver Fox [Hu Evert]and Muldoon and Carrington We must forego a detailed review of these and other early authors and only outline the salient features sortie astrale their interpretations of their experiences.

The essence of the occult paradigm is that the world sortie astrale to our senses is but one of several, usually seven, worlds, or planes of nature. The general idea that there are other worlds not visible to our senses has a very long history, dating back millennia in ancient Indian thought, vestiges of which can be found in the ancient Greek notion of the "heavenly spheres"; ancient Gnostic traditions also describe the seven aethers.


A mosaic of these ancient ideas is to be found in the Theosophical teachings circasortie astrale as those of Leadbeater, which in turn influenced later authors like Fox and Muldoon.

Within the Theosophical framework, there exists seven planes termed the physical, sortie astrale, mental, buddhic, atmic, anupadaka, and adi.

Oniros - Reve et conscience : le rêve hors du corps

Accordingly, each person has a "body" capable of traveling on its respective plane. Hence, the idea of astral projection was that one used their astral body to travel on the astral plane.

First, it can be stated that this notion of seven planes provided a prescientific paradigm for sortie astrale human psychology. The physical plane is the world sortie astrale the physical sensation, the astral plane is the realm of emotion, the mental plane is the realm of thought, the buddhic plane is the realm of the soul, and the higher planes are abstractions reflecting levels of relationship between the individual soul and the universal transcendental essence, roughly translated as God.

The occult paradigm projects the psychology of the human being into the very structure of the universe. In the premodern era, before our detailed scientific description of natural phenomena, this analogical reasoning dominated intellectual discourse.

Translation of "la projection astrale" in English

It seems reasonable to infer that the idea that there are worlds which exist beyond the ken of our senses derives directly from the experience of lucid dreaming, as well as sortie astrale meditatively-induced states. That is to say, the simplest and most common sensical interpretation of the lucid dream experience, and similar altered states, is that some non-material, soul-like entity has left the physical body and physical world and has entered sortie astrale a nonphysical world.

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This would include notions of the planes, of reincarnation, of sortie astrale bodies, and include such terminology as "auras", "chakras" and "kundalini". Most of these notions sortie astrale their origin in ancient Indian traditions from which Theosophy heavily drew, and many of these notions persist today and are applied to conscious sleep states.


Today there is still confusion between lucid dreams and astral projections. In fact, the techniques for inducing either are identical compare Rogo,with LaBerge and Rheingold, sortie astrale, and the content of the sortie astrale are identical, indicating that these are in fact the same state of consciousness.

The sortie astrale results because there is not a sortie astrale recognition that the terms "astral projection" and "lucid dream" represent different paradigms for conceptualizing the exact same experience. I will discuss the relative validity of these two paradigms below.

The Parapsychological Paradigm The parapsychological paradigm has its historical roots in the occult paradigm. At the turn sortie astrale the 20th century, as the notion of "astral projection" and other sortie astrale phenomena became more widespread, it attracted attention from those not involved in occult movements.

Specifically, nonoccult investigators began to investigate independently the claims of occultists such as Leadbeater. Early psychical researchers were influenced by such movements as Theosophy or Spiritualism, as seen, for example, in the works of Muldoon and Carington