This Master's Degree project has been performed on behalf of Vanuatu Renewable PIC Based Automatic Solar Radiation Tracker for Maximum Solar Energy. These are the projects which work successfully based on the solar energy. Solar power projects are the most interesting projects and we are all well aware of the. Manufacturer & Exporter of Solar Energy Projects for Engineering Students Final Charge Controller - Engineering Projects, Solar Based LED Street Light with.


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Conventional enegry resources are decreasing day by solar based projects. People are looking for non conventional energy resources.

Solar energy system is also very important in replacement of electrical energy. Electrical engineers are working on solar system project every year.

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Engineering students also integrate solar system in their project. Solar based projects of innovative solar system projects ideas is given below: It can measure voltage, current, temperature in surrounding of solar panels.

It also measures intensity of light falling on solar panels with the help of light sensor. Light dependent resistor is used as a lights sensor to measure intensity of light.

LM35 temperature sensor is used to measure temperature of solar panels. Shunt resistor is used as a current sensor to convert current into voltage form, because microcontroller cannot solar based projects current directly.

Voltage divider circuit is used to divide voltage up to reference voltage of controller.

PIC16FA microcontroller is used to measure all these parameters. Solar energy measurement system using PIC16FA microcontroller Energy measurement system is used to measure energy or power of solar panels.

Digital solar based projects voltmeter and digital dc Ammeter project can help you to understanding of how to measure dc voltage and dc current.

Solar system projects ideas for engineering students

The elementary features of a thermal power plant solar based projects shown. In a thermal power plant coil is burnt to produce high temperature and high pressure steam in a boiler. The steam is passed through solar based projects steam turbine to produce rotational motion.

The generator, mechanically coupled to the turbine, thus rotates producing electricity. Chemical energy stored in coal after a couple of transformations produces electrical energy at the generator terminals as depicted in the figure.

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Thus proximity of a generating station nearer to a coal reserve and water sources will be most economical as the solar based projects of transporting coal gets reduced.

In our country coal is available in abundance and naturally thermal power plants are most popular.


However, these plants pollute the atmosphere because of burning of coals. Boiler Turbine Generator Steam in 3-phase A. Solar based projects Electric power Condenser Water Steam Feed out pump Chemical energy in coal Heat energy in steam Mechanical energy in turbine Electrical energy Basic components of a thermal generating unit.

Solar Projects

Coal Stringent conditions such as use of more chimney heights along with the compulsory use of electrostatic precipitator are put by regulatory authorities to see that the effects of pollution is minimized. A solar based projects amount of ash is produced every day in a thermal plant and effective handling of the ash adds to the solar based projects cost of the plant.

The speed of alternator used in thermal plants is rpm which means 2-pole alternators are used in such plants hydel plants In a hydel power station, water head is used to drive water turbine coupled to the generator.

Water head may be available in hilly region naturally in the form of water reservoir lakes etc. The potential energy of water can be used to drive the turbo generator set installed at the base of the hills through piping called solar based projects stock.

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Water head may also be created artificially by constructing dams on a suitable river. In contrast to a thermal plant, hydel power plants are eco-friendly, neat and clean solar based projects no fuel is to be burnt to produce electricity.


While running cost solar based projects such plants are low, the initial installation cost is rather high compared to a thermal plants due to massive civil construction necessary.

Also sites to be solar based projects for such plants depend upon natural availability of water reservoirs at hill tops or availability of suitable Version 2 EE IIT, Kharagpur rivers for constructing dams.