THE SOCIAL NETWORK Written by Aaron Sorkin May 28, FROM THE BLACK WE HEAR-- MARK (V.O.) Did you know there are more people with genius. Today is Day 24 and the featured screenplay is for the movie The Social Network. You may download a PDF of the script here. Background: Screenplay by Aaron Sorkin, book by Ben Mezrich. Read, review and discuss the entire The Social Network movie script by Aaron Sorkin on


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Kane inherits his, Zuckerberg gains his with the growth of Facebook. That is rather than achieve a state of wholeness or unity, as in most movies, these social network screenplay figures end up in a state of disconnect [Zuckerberg] or dissolution [Kane].

Sixth, both Protagonists have an Attractor figure who grows to despise them: Susan Alexander Kane and Erica Albright.

The Social Network Movie Script

Jedidiah Leland and Eduardo Saverin. Eighth, both stories have a talisman with a powerful association to the past: Social network screenplay CK, it is the snow globe which takes Kane back to his elegiac past in Colorado, racing around without a care on his snow sled Rosebud. Finally, both men end their stories alone: These final images both point to a theme which the stories share, the Biblical verse [Matthew He gets a It was fascinating especially how I felt that Mark Zuckerberg was not the main lead; Eduardo was more present but at the end it was Mark's dialogue that illuminated the script and showed its cleverness and wit.

This is an outstanding film for its script fundamentally and secondly for the great acting and directing. Apr 20, Jason Lalljee rated it it was amazing One of the best screenplays of the decade, Aaron Sorkin affirms his understanding of the mutual credit that modern technology and human psychology social network screenplay in the information age.


Social network screenplay three years later, he wrote the screenplay for the film version which was nominated for the Best Picture Oscar. But he has never been nominated for an Academy Award: This script about the behind-the-scenes of the founding of Facebook is technically an adaptation but not based on the actual book?

Initially, I was given a page book social network screenplay that Ben Mezrich wrote for his publisher about these guys and the friction between them.

And I said yes on page three.

Social Network, The (2010) Movie Script

It was a classic story of friendship, loyalty, betrayal, power, jealousy and class: How did you write this without actually reading the book? There was no book at the time, actually. There was just a book proposal, and Social network screenplay had assumed that the social network screenplay would actually want to wait until the book was finished.


But they wanted me to start right away. So then I actually began, at the same time, but on separate tracks.

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As for my research, with people who are still alive there is obviously a tremendous responsibility. The research went very quickly.

It fell into different categories.

There were parts that I was helped with by two lawyers an intellectual property lawyer and a social network screenplay lawyer but finally and most importantly it was first person research — speaking directly to the people themselves. Once Eduardo signed that non-disclosure agreement after his settlement, he disappeared off the face of the earth.