The Great White Parasol (Sitatapatre) Sadhana 大白傘蓋佛母不共法儀 .. The long earlobes of the Sitatapatra are a symbol of her detachment. complishment of Arya Sitatapatra, Undefeatable by Oth- ers, Arisen from . by Jayakara,68 Madhukara,69 and Sarvartha Sadhaka!70 May they be stabbed with. The Sadhana of Arya Sitatapatra. Take this jewel ornamenfing the chest,. The stainless white Wisdom Umbrella,. Beaufifully turning to the right,. Victorious in the.


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There are many different traditions in the steps to the kriya tantra sadhana of Ushnisha Sitatapatra, who is of the Tathagata family. However, Sitatapatra sadhana Namka Drag of Nartang has made a compilation of a great many source materials, such as the sadhana tradition of the great sitatapatra sadhana noble Atisha.


Sitatapatra sadhana the merit from my actions such as generosity May I accomplish Buddhahood to help all sentient beings. May all sentient beings have happiness. May all sentient sitatapatra sadhana be free from suffering. May all sentient beings never be without happiness.

A Dukkar Sadhana

May all sentient beings remain in equanimity, unmoved by the eight worldly concerns or by preconceptions about an object apprehended and the mind which apprehends it. After you have taken refuge and generated the bodhi-mind as sitatapatra sadhana as the four immeasurables as abovemaking sure that the meaning has suffered your mental stream, not just the words, visualize the following In an instant, with clarity I arise as Sitatapatra sadhana Sitatapatra.

Light radiates from the seed syllable at my heart.


It invites Sitatapatra and all her surrounding host of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas sitatapatra sadhana their natural abodes and they take their places in the space before me.

Then visualize The figures of the merit fields depart sitatapatra sadhana their natural abodes. Entering the Sitatapatra sadhana of Sitatapatra Visualize that the parasol of Sitatapatra covers you and any thing you want to be protected family of this life and previous lifes, community, country.

Be sure to visualize those images clearly around you. Then visualize Sitatapatra's crown chakra opening, and a white "Om" comes out and forms a parasol.

This parasol also covers all things to be protected. While fixing your sitatapatra sadhana on the last mental image, recite the short mantra hundred times until you enter Samadhi a pure, single mind fixed on the deity and even forget reciting the mantra itself.

Ring your dorje bell and damaru if you have one: Abiding in the selfless void, manifests a white Sitatapatra With one face, two arms, and three eyes; Wearing a jeweled crown and layers of celestial garments.

Every palm possess an eye, Her left hand holds a parasol and her right forms the wish-fulfilling, She sits in the in the Full Lotus position on the lotus-moon; Om Vajra samaya Jah! Recite the dedication prayer once: The Sitatapatra sadhana Crown of all Tathagatas, Manifest on the clouds in the heavens.

Sādhanas Series | Lotsawa House

The powerful and liberated White Parasols, I sitatapatra sadhana to every one of them; May my practice of the White Parasol, speedily accumulate the invincible Dharma Light, Shielding all beings and subjugating all maras; Together, may we all soar to the Sitatapatra sadhana Protectress Buddha Mother Sitatapatra This sadhana is very powerful when purifying or eliminating demons.


It is best that you have a guru to teach you thoroughly every visualization and the mudra of the Protectress. It stops all evil forces, and blocks the malevolent Tay Nin of "order sitatapatra sadhana Bury Under" spell.

Sitatapatra sadhana these threats are eliminate by her power, which is like a diamond sword. Whoever among you wants to be born sitatapatra sadhana Amitabha's Pure Land, know what that practicing her sadhana is like flying to the pureland riding on the back of the king of birds, the Garuda.

All phenomena are empty, beyond thought and word.

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A white umbrella, marked with the letter Om, transforms; I arise, complete at the recollection. Jnana sattva Dorje Tsuk Tor Skt. Vajra Ushnisha sitatapatra sadhana of the great expeller.