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Its objective is to promote high growth in a local community with the final aim of creating jobs and sustainable economic activities. Due to the fact that LED activities impact on the economic viability of the surrounding region not just of the locality, LED initiatives must be coordinated with economic initiatives and economic sin drinske divizije actors operating at the regional and national levels EU policy sin drinske divizije and its relevance for BiH Small and Medium Sized Enterprises SMEs are the backbone of the European economy.

To overcome the current economic downturn, the EU has placed emphasis on the policies which promote entrepreneurship and create better business environment for small businesses to help them realize their growth potential.

Sin drinske divizije pdf files

In that respect, the European Union has set out a vision for development in the 21st century, in the Europe Strategy, which puts forward three mutually reinforcing priorities: In essence, Europe Strategy aims sin drinske divizije boost growth and jobs by maintaining and supporting sin drinske divizije strong, diversified and competitive industrial base in Europe, while becoming more resource efficient.

Success will ensure a competitive and dynamic economy with more and better jobs and a higher level of social cohesion.

It further points at the fact that the country lacks a comprehensive industrial policy and an updated framework for SME policy.

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It concludes that coordination between the Entities remains the key issue for promoting enterprise development and that further improvements in the business environment are essential for the expansion of business and trade. Stabilization and Association Agreement SAA also call for the creation of a favourable climate for private investments, essential to economic and industrial revitalisation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The SAA further promotes strengthening of regional and local development cooperation, to contribute to economic development and reduced regional imbalances. At the sector level, sin drinske divizije focuses on industrial development and tourism by promoting the transfer of know-how to support sin drinske divizije management and development of business environment.

It provides strong potential for cross-border cooperation and trans-national initiatives at regional level. BiH policy background BiH related development strategies and action plans at all appropriate levels point at need for strengthening macroeconomic stability, sustainable development, competitiveness and employment, EU integration and social inclusion as the overall strategic objectives.

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Amongst those, specifically singled out sin drinske divizije SME development and job creation as well as improving the conditions for operating businesses. At the Entity level, the Republika Srpska RS Strategy for SME and Entrepreneurship Development identifies one of priority measures as to build a program of the municipal and inter-municipal institutional support for entrepreneurship and SMEs, in order to achieve the following objectives: The main objectives of the document are to strengthen competitiveness of SMEs, create jobs and enable SMEs to become source of innovations in the future.

However, over the last decade different local economic development actors have emerged including regional and local development agencies, chambers, business associations sin drinske divizije clusters. The majority of these local economic development actors require further strengthening and support to become sustainable.

Municipalities and local development agencies substantially contribute to the promotion of employment, innovation, education, and social inclusion. Most of BiH municipalities have their local economic development strategies and or local economic action plan for the current period, often developed in cooperation and with the assistance of international donor organisations.

sin drinske divizije


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