(ns sicp). ;;;; Section - The Elements of Programming. ;;; Exercise [10 12 8 3 6 'a 'b 19 false 4 16 6 16]. ;;; Exercise (def unreadable-digit (if . SICP In Clojure. “I personally don't think SICP will help you much with Clojure. YMMV.” —Rich Hickey, author, Clojure programming language. In my first year at the university the first programming course I took was using SICP (that was ). However, I had a similar problem like you: for my own.


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Obviously, if the program will exhaust anyway available memory and it will use all of allocated objects without releasing them, GC will not help us at all. As a side note, I would like to point sicp in clojure that sicp in clojure you will have to choose a single heritage of the Lisp language to the computer science, garbage collection will be a really a significant one, with no doubt.

SICP in Clojure - Chapter 5

Deconstructing Clojure So instead of building sicp in clojure own Clojure compiler, we will go under the hood for a while. Do not worry, we will not go too deep into the internals, but hopefully we will get a better understanding about the language itself.

I would like to focus on two topics - Clojure evaluation and data structures implementation available in the language, which sicp in clojure leveraging very interesting properties. Answer sicp in clojure like an usual one - it depends. But even in the case of dynamic compilation, you are preprocessing everything to the bytecode representation - the only difference is that it does not land in the file it is generated during the run-time.

SICP in Clojure | Hacker News

As you may expected it means that VM does not understand Clojure or even Java languages directly - bytecode is a collection of class files. Each one contains description of a class and methods, which have been translated to intermediate representation suitable for JVM you can find details here.

If we already have such code, then JVM loads, links and initializes sicp in clojure files provided during execution. During the first phase it finds a binary representation of the class and creates the VM internal representation from that. Sicp in clojure during the linking phase it adds prepared representations to the JVM state, and during that it also verifies is everything is structurally correct.

At this point it also can resolve the symbolic references and it will prepare static fields, prefilled with the default variables.

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  • SICP in Clojure - Chapter 5
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In the last step it invokes the initializers, but only when the class is needed e. Situation is slightly simpler, when it comes to ClojureScript - it is always compiled to the JavaScript representation.

But the compilation process is somehow interesting anyway. Under the hood, it uses Google Closure Compiler and if you are familiar with it, it requires a specific structure to be sicp in clojure in order preserve certain features, especially during the optimization phase.

sicp in clojure

By leveraging the libraries, Google Closure Modules, specific dependency management, cljsc compiler can do amazing things - to name just one, dead code analysis which can prune properly even the external libraries code assuming that external dependency somehow supports Google Closure sicp in clojure well.

Obviously sicp in clojure is a trade-off - there are limitationsand if you want to do the most advanced optimizations you have to be compliant with them.


That is the way how compiler can assume certain things and then safely do optimizations. Data Structures If we will consider immutability in sicp in clojure functional programming world, we may think at first that having two values, before transformation and after it, can be very inefficient in sicp in clojure of available resources.

We need to preserve two copies in memory and probably spent some time on copying values from one place to another. That should especially true in Lisp-like languages, where data structures are our primary tool.

SICP in Clojure

Those guarantees sicp in clojure really nice when it comes to the program analysis, but also from the compiler and optimization perspective.

If that previous value is immutable and it will not change at all, we can leverage certain techniques of sharing parts of our collections between different values.

We do not have to copy a whole collection, but only an updated part, where the old stuff can be just a reference e. It means that some collection persists on despite being created on sicp in clojure of another one.

SICP Distilled

Image shamelessly taken from Rich Hickey's "Clojure Concurrency" talk. Taking a look at viewing figures for the original authors recordings of a version of the course.

The first one sicp in clojure k, the second 55k and the last only 12k.