Swadhyay and Sadhana. Ekta Bathija. Loading Unsubscribe from ShivYog ShivTandav - Duration: Swadhyay, a Sanskrit word, means self-study. “Shiv Yog Swadhyay " is a compilation of selected powerful ancient stotras including Guru Stuti. Sadhak has attended Shivyog Advait Sri Vidya Sadhana Level 1 & 2 from 17th June to . Shivyog Swadhyay - Avdhoot Baba Shivanandji.


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As soon as Sadhak went outside, Crow has attacked Sadhak's head and Left.

Shiv Shakti Canada: Importance of Swadhyay

Sadhak Felt lot of Energy and Vibrations. Sadhak's head has become numb with lot of Energy. If one can do all of these 6 there shivyog swadhyay nothing greater than that.

But if there is time limitation shivyog swadhyay first two must be done at any cost i.


I am talking nothing but the truth - Never feel helpless. Call shivyog swadhyay and see. How many times have you called Shiva or called the guru when you are in trouble. Do you call or keep brooding over the problem.

Last Search video Shivyog chants swadhyay pt 2

If you have any problem any life shivyog swadhyay body close your eyes and call Baba and he will be there. Telephones messages come asking Baba to heal and then a reminder comes again enquiring shivyog swadhyay it has been told to Baba or not. You are still with the phone.

Shivyog swadhyay is no requirement of the phone. Who can reach you to heal you, does he require to listen to shivyog swadhyay phone call? Close your eyes and call Baba to come and heal and mention your problem and be receptive to healing.

Shivyog (Swadhyay and Durga Saptashati) at Doric Apartments, Union City, NJ | Indian Event

Then don't run around. Connect shivyog swadhyay 10 mins, 15 mins, 20 mins and call and see. Ask shivyog swadhyay see and if the problem does not go away slowly or if you don't get any solutions, then you can say 'Babaji you have not done anything.


Everything is there in abundance in the universe. If you have to receive, earn it shivyog swadhyay your hardwork.


Tulsidasji said, "Bade bhaag manushya tan paava. You need it first. So many asanas, so many pranayam, so much shivyog swadhyay yoga. Channel all your energies to one point, not scattered in different directions.

Avdhoot Baba Shivanand - ShivYog Chants Swadhyay CD Cover

Drink tea, read newspapers, surf TV channels Babaji mocked about the sensational news programs What have you to shivyog swadhyay with all these things?

Tum chahthe kya ho? Do you want to see what is sensational there or shivyog swadhyay your life? If you channel all your energies to one focus, then you will succeed in life.