Walkthrough: Part One - Shenmue II: Aberdeen & Wan Chai Note: Before you start, if you haven't played the original Shenmue or just want. Shenmue II was a game that was ahead of its times in many ways, featuring an open world, a day-and-night system, a dynamic weather system. Shenmue II is an action-adventure game for the Sega Dreamcast and Xbox. It is the sequel to Shenmue, and was produced and directed by Yu.


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Walk on until Ryo spots Yan Tin Apartments and pauses outside, then go in.

Inside you'll meet up with an old woman who thinks you're a land shark trying to move her out. Ryo will find out that Lishao Tao lives in room Go up the stairs and find the room.

Knock on the door and a guy will tell you that Lishao Tao has moved out but shenmue 2 walkthrough tell you where if you cross his palm with silver.

Leave the apartments and follow the signs shenmue 2 walkthrough Wise Man's Qr or ask for directions.

Shenmue II — StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki

Shenmue 2 walkthrough very easy to spot when you find it as there is a huge staircase to go up and it's dominated by the Man Mo Temple. This is the "Man Mo Something" that the guy in the apartment was referring to.


Go into it and you'll meet Hanhui and Xiuying. Hanhui says that he'll take you to Tao if you shenmue 2 walkthrough about the Four Wude, but first you'll have to find shenmue 2 walkthrough what the hell he's talking about.

If you head back to Wise Man's Qr Xiuying will give you a little bit of help by telling you to ask a martial artist. Conveniently there's a martial arts shop Wise Man's Kung Fu down the street from the steps to Scarlet Hills, so you should go and ask the owner about Wude.


You would have gone past it on your way to South Carmain Qr so go back the way you came and as you enter Green Market Qr from South Carmain Qr it will be the courtyard with all the people training on the right. Master Zhoushan is the old man on the raised platform, go and talk to him about Wude and he'll tell you that he has no right to talk about Wude after he ruined another man's life.

Looks like you're going to have to sort out this little problem, so you'll shenmue 2 walkthrough to go to Golden Qr and find the former pupil who shenmue 2 walkthrough now a street performer.

Shenmue II Wiki Guide - IGN

Walk along Golden Qr until you come to the mall. It's the big building that has smaller streets running around the outside of it. Go inside and walk up the homeless shenmue 2 walkthrough on the right. He's your street performer but he won't help you unless you help him out first - you'll have shenmue 2 walkthrough break a rock with your bare hands as part of his show.

Shenmue II Wiki Guide

When Ryo is holding the rock and you have the power bar press A when it is full and again when it fills shenmue 2 walkthrough. If you do it right you'll smash the rock, impressing the watching crowd. Impressed, the street performer will introduce himself as Zongquan and will give you a letter to shenmue 2 walkthrough back to Zhoushan.

Deliver it and Zhoushan will tell you that Zongquan broke the first Wude by becoming a street performer - JIE, never show off your skills thoughtlessly. Perform the move and he'll offer to tell you the second Wude if you can do it on the tree until the leaves cover the ground.

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Shenmue 2 walkthrough at it until you're finished and he'll tell you the second Wude - GON, practice every day without fail. Why can't these martial artists just tell you all the Wude?

Go and ask Zhoushan about martial artists again and he'll tell you about someone called Zhangyu who owns a barbers shop in Three Blades Street, Lucky Charm Qr.