- Recording Criteria for Needlestick and Sharps Injuries Bloodborne Pathogen Standard's requirement for a sharps injury log under T8CCR Attachment C Sharps Log Addendum. SAMPLE. Occupational Sharps Injury Log Addendum. (A Supplement to OSHA and Forms). Insert your. Brand Name of Device Work area where injury occurred. (e.g., lab, vet med). Brief description of how incident occurred. (e.g., procedure being done, action.


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What is required in a sharps injury log?

Employers must clean, repair, and replace this equipment as needed. Provision, maintenance, repair and sharps injury log are at no cost to the worker. Make available hepatitis B vaccinations to all workers with occupational exposure.


This vaccination must be offered after the worker has received the required bloodborne sharps injury log training and within 10 days of initial assignment to a job with occupational exposure.

Make available post-exposure evaluation and follow-up to any occupationally exposed worker who experiences an exposure incident.

sharps injury log An exposure incident is a specific eye, mouth, other mucous membrane, non-intact skin, or parenteral contact with blood or other potentially infectious material.

The healthcare professional will provide a limited written opinion to the employer and all diagnoses must remain confidential.

Needlesticks and other sharps injuries among healthcare workers

Use labels and signs to communicate hazards. Warning labels must be affixed to sharps injury log of regulated waste; sharps injury log of contaminated reusable sharps; refrigerators and freezers containing blood or other potentially infectious material; other sharps injury log used to store, transport, or ship blood or other potentially infectious material; contaminated equipment that is being shipped or serviced; and bags or containers of contaminated laundry, except as provided in the standard.

Facilities may use red bags or red containers instead of labels. Provide information and training to workers. Employers must ensure that their workers receive regular training that covers all elements of the standard, including, but not limited to: Maintain worker medical and training records.

Ask the expert: Sharps injury log exemption and bloodborne pathogens training

The employer also must maintain a sharps injury log, unless it is exempt under Part — Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illnesses, in Title sharps injury log of the Code of Federal Regulations.

That revision was published on Jan. The revision to the OSHA standard did not impose new requirements for employers to protect workers from sharps injuries. But it did specify in greater detail the engineering controls, such sharps injury log safer medical devices, that must be used to reduce or eliminate worker exposure.


Device selection plan Employers must select devices that, based on reasonable judgment: Will not jeopardize patient or employee safety or be medically inadvisable.

Will make an exposure incident involving a contaminated sharp less likely to occur. Employers must solicit input from non-managerial employees responsible for direct patient care regarding the identification, evaluation, and selection of effective engineering controls, including safer medical devices.

Employers whose employees are occupationally exposed to blood or other potentially infectious materials, and who are required to maintain a log of occupational injuries and illnesses, must also maintain a sharps injury log.

That sharps injury log must sharps injury log maintained in a manner that protects the privacy of employees.

Sharps injury log | Spanish Translator

At a minimum, the log will contain the following: The type and brand of sharps injury log involved in the incident. Location of the incident e. Description of the incident.

Engineering sharps injury log Engineering controls include all control measures that isolate or remove a hazard from the workplace, such as sharps disposal containers and self-sheathing needles.

This description covers a broad array of devices, including: Sharps injuries can expose health care workers to harmful bloodborne pathogens. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that nationwide betweenandinjuries from contaminated sharps occur in health care settings each year.