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Heise [ESP—a computer-based periodical established before the development of the World Wide Web—expired soon after it was born. I septimiu chelsea psihosociologie the following article in the periodical, and this WWW presentation now is the only rendition available to scholars.

Books by Septimiu Chelcea

Heise, Department of Sociology, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN Abstract Recent research indicates that 1 the human face is a highly sophisticated signaling system for communicating septimiu chelsea psihosociologie, and 2 affect plays a key role in the experience of social organization and in the day-by-day production of culture.

This essay suggests that emotional displays—on the face especially—are a primary means of socialization, allowing a septimiu chelsea psihosociologie to attain knowledge of the sociocultural system rapidly and efficiently.

An intriguing pattern of results emerged from a study of college roomrnates by Melvin Manis several decades ago Manis had friends and septimiu chelsea psihosociologie i.

Ratings were done after the subjects had lived together five weeks, and again after eleven weeks.


Manis found that the extra six weeks produced greater agreement between how a person rated himself and how he was rated by his friends and septimiu chelsea psihosociologie. Curiously, though, the increased agreement occurred from Ego changing his self-concepts, not from friends and non-friends changing their concepts of Ego.

Here was evidence of the Looking Glass septimiu chelsea psihosociologie, Manis noted.

Manis suggested that self-attitudes must be different from ordinary attitudes because usually attitude influence is mutual. My septimiu chelsea psihosociologie go in a different direction.

I think self attitudes are the same as other attitudes. Rather the peculiarity in the Manis results derives from communication structuring.

Books by Septimiu Chelcea (Author of Metodologia cercetării sociologice)

Typical attitude objects occur as mutual stimuli for all present, each person displays an affective reaction, and each can observe the expressive reactions of the others. All contribute information about septimiu chelsea psihosociologie own feelings which can septimiu chelsea psihosociologie others.

The case of self as an attitude object is partly similar. People do show their feelings towards us by reacting expressively to us as stimuli, and we read their attitudes in their faces and may be influenced.

Dicţionar de psihologie socială

However, septimiu chelsea psihosociologie do not get to communicate our self-attitudes in the same way. We do not occur as stimuli for ourselves, we do not display expressive reactions towards ourselves, thus we never offer others the emotional displays that might bring their feelings around to our own.

The Manis study indirectly supports the idea that visible affective displays—on the face particularly—are crucial for social sharing of attitudes. This is septimiu chelsea psihosociologie unappreciated idea in social psychology though not a new one.

It is the primary site for communicating emotional states; it reflects interpersonal attitudes. Thus the face is a key element in socialization septimiu chelsea psihosociologie. The Face as an Affective Signaling System The credibility of the face as a socialization device can be enhanced by outlining the mechanics of how emotional expressions in the face convey affective septimiu chelsea psihosociologie.

Among the shattered myths are that emotionality is primitive or simplistic, that facial expressions are purely idiosyncratic, and that humans are evolving away from expressivity. Instead, extensive programs of research have yielded the following facts.

The face is our emotional signaling septimiu chelsea psihosociologie. Language and talking transmit facts and schemes, and sometimes septimiu chelsea psihosociologie, too. The face is our primary channel for communicating feelings.