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This can only worsen the human condition and the damage inflicted on the earth.


Access to resources is gained through pillaging, competitiveness and economic wars between individuals. This model is dependent on energy combustion and oil — reserves of which are running out.

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It is not generalizable. So it is that anything that does not have a monetary equivalent has no value, and individuals have no place in society if they have no source of income.

But even semeur d espoir money can fulfill all desires, it remains incapable of giving joy, the happiness of being alive… What kind of world will we leave to our children?


What kind of children will we leave to our world? It is in the utopias of semeur d espoir that the solutions of the future can be found.

I don't give a damn

The first utopia must be brought to life within ourselves, as social change semeur d espoir happen without a change in mankind. It is an art of living and an ethic of life, a source of satisfaction and profound well-being.


It represents a political position and an act of resistance in semeur d espoir of the earth, of sharing and of fairness. During the evening a collection was made. Thank you for your support! Did you find apk for android?

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You can find new Free Android Games and apps. Pierre Rabhi advocates a change of paradigm, stands for a society that is more respectful of people and the earth and supports the development of agricultural practices accessible to everyone, particularly the most destitute, the preservation semeur d espoir life-giving assets and the free circulation of seed varieties.

The International Charter for the Earth and Humanism that he has drawn up brings together all the initiatives taken in his semeur d espoir.

An international expert on food security, he has been passing on his expertise sincemainly in the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and the Middle East, and he helped to draw up the Semeur d espoir Nations Convention for the fight against desertification.

Today, his lectures and books and the films that have been inspired by his life and work semeur d espoir a wide audience and considerable media attention. It has no ideological, political or denominational affiliations, no spiritual or secular authority.

To this day, planet Earth is semeur d espoir only oasis of life that we know, surrounded by an immense, star-filled desert. Taking care of this planet, protecting and preserving its physical and biological integrity, making use of its resources with moderation and establishing peace and solidarity among humans, with respect for each and every form of life, is the most rational and magnificent semeur d espoir that exists.

Semeurs d’espoir en terres arides

Earth and Mankind are gravely under threat — The disastrous effects of chemical agriculture The industrialization of agriculture, the widespread use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and hybrid seeds, as well as excessive mechanization, have gravely damaged our life-giving earth and small-scale farming.

Unable to produce without destroying, mankind is exposed semeur d espoir unprecedented famine. Because our semeur d espoir has not been organized in a way that is based on humanism, fairness, sharing and solidarity, we must turn to the palliative action of humanitarianism. A civilization has been built that has no link with the earth, no connection with real life or natural rhythms.