How to disassemble Samsung GT-S by himself. Disassembly (take apart) and repair smartphone Samsung GT-S Wave II at home with a minimal set. Samsung S Wave II How to disassemble Samsung GT-S Wave II Take apart Tutorial. Photo guides how to disassemble or how to remove any module, motherboard replace, LCD module in Samsung GT-S Laptop. How to fix IT.


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Removes worry about flashing and acts as a backup. After performing this mod: Samsung s8530 disassembly the battery, replace the battery, your phone will connect to the computer via USB and await commands.

Otherwise it will pretty much act like a Droid Charge.

Samsung wave 2 themes free download s disassembly

See the Special Instructions section. Get someone who knows what they're doing with a soldering iron. If they don't know what flux is, then they don't know what they're doing.

It has a scratch resistant and oleo phobic surface that makes handling it indeed carefree. The handwriting recognition feature, multi touch input method, smart unlock, accelerometer sensor and proximity sensor adds to the attractiveness and utility of the handset.

The Samsung mobile navigator helps the user to locate any place very fast and accurately and the WiFi enables the samsung s8530 disassembly to always remain connected. Accessing mails and maintaining unbroken relationships with friends and relatives through social network interfaces like FaceBook, Twitter, Orkut, MyFriend, etc becomes utmost trouble free.

Geo tagging, face, smile, blink detection feature, image stabilization and touch focus make the pictures clicked in this camera very exclusive and eye-catching. Videos can be captured at 30 fps and the handset has a secondary camera too samsung s8530 disassembly above the screen that facilitates video conferencing.

Samsung Wave S auseinanderbauen

It has a music recognition feature too that makes it possible for samsung s8530 disassembly user to locate songs on the internet and download them easily.

The digital natural sound engine provides clear and loud music and the headset clarity is also commendable. Now pull the speaker and sim card module towards you.

A ribbon connector, indicated samsung s8530 disassembly the arrow below, needs to be disconnected. This attaches like a plug and socket.


Just lever it up to unplug. You can now remove the module from the rest of the phone.

Wave S/S Development Platform Mod AK… | Samsung Bada, Tizen Development and Hacking

With the speaker and sim card module removed, your phone should look like below. Two more ribbon connectors, circled below, need to be disconnected.


Again, samsung s8530 disassembly attaches like a plug and socket. Just lever them up to unplug. The micro switches for the phone lock and camera buttons, indicated by the arrows, need to be demounted from the side of the phone.

They're held in place with double sided tape and need to be peeled away carefully, making sure you don't damage the ribbon cables connecting them to the circuit board.