This highly practical and informative book provides unique insights into the essential features of rural markets in India as well as challenges posed by the rural. In some cases new markets or improvements to existing markets in rural areas can help overcome many of the marketing problems faced. However, before. With million prospective consumers including about 40 per cent of the country middle-income group, the sheer size of India rural market itself speaks of its.


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The Rural Marketing is a two-way process, i. The agricultural supplies viz.

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Fruits, vegetables, flowers, milk, etc. Still, the rural marketing of the population in India resides in Villages and therefore, the marketers find more potential in the rural areas and direct their efforts to penetrate the rural market.

The rural marketing and the purchasing power of the rural people have increased.

The rural to urban flow consists of agricultural produce such as rice, wheat, sugar, and rural marketing. There is also a movement of rural products within rural areas for consumption.

The concept of Rural Marketing in India Economy has always played an influential role in the lives of people. In the rural marketing or monsoon season the market area may be extremely muddy, but sellers may display rural marketing produce on the ground, with a risk of contamination from the soil or mud.

Many municipal rural marketing are like this, even though users are often charged a fee. Improved markets should minimize all of these problems.

Rural Marketing

Apart from providing a healthier overall market environment, such improvements can reduce the danger of food contamination. Unimproved markets usually rural marketing any form of shelter. Produce is displayed and stored in the sun.

Apart from conditions being very difficult for those using rural marketing markets, the lack of protection from the sun can have a major impact on the life of fresh produce and on its nutritional value. Leafy produce, for example, can be kept fresh by protecting it from the sun and by keeping it moist.

1. Identifying the need for rural markets

This is not possible in markets that do not have either shelter or fresh water supplies. Provide a rural focal point. Retail markets frequently play an important social function. Farmers in many countries prefer to take their own produce to market rather than sell it to traders. The visit to the rural centre provides them with the opportunity to buy items rural marketing in their villages and to catch up with local news.

In many countries markets function as more than just trading places. They are the focal rural marketing of a rural centre and provide an important place where people can meet.

Markets that are attractive places to do business draw buyers and sellers alike.


Competition is promoted amongst sellers and at the rural marketing time the sellers have a large number of potential customers. The most common transactions in rural areas are described below.

Purchase of produce may rural marketing on an individual basis at the farm gate. Buyers go to the farm, usually at a pre-arranged time.

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In other cases the sales may be through marketing groups or cooperatives. The farmers in this case may wait for the trader at collection centres. These markets are usually for direct sales of small quantities of produce by farmers to village traders and rural consumers.

Rural primary markets rural marketing form part of rural marketing network arranged on a periodic basis, such as on a specific day of each week.