Last winter on a plane to the Mildura Writers' Festival I happened to sit next to Raimond Gaita. Like many people who have read his memoir Romulus, My Father. We're very pleased to have lots of ebooks by local authors available for just The Spare Room and Raimond Gaita's Romulus, My Father. READ THE NEW BOOK Romulus, My Father Raimond Gaita PREMIUM BOOK ONLINEDOWNLOAD NOW.


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Written simply and movingly, Romulus, My Father is about how a compassionate and honest man taught his son the meaning of living a decent life. It is about passion, betrayal and madness, about friendship and the joy and dignity of work, about character and fate, affliction and spirituality.

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So, before long, these were people I knew, not in any intimate way, but in that sense you do people you see every day. I might add that these people were empathetic. They were quite capable of ignoring you if they felt that is what you wanted.

Romulus my father ebook for seem to be scared of making the trip. I come to this point.


In the same week that Romulus, My Father received a literary award, with all the glamour attached to such ceremonies, I read from it at the Sacred Heart Mission, in St. Kilda, reluctantly, for I was aware that people came for lunch, not for literature. At one stage a man, obviously mentally ill, called for me to stop.

He raised his head, which he had held romulus my father ebook for his hands and exclaimed "God is in this book! His words moved me deeply.

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I remembered the day when my father and Vacek visited me at school. That tribute, by a man destitute of all worldly goods and romulus my father ebook for, quite without status or prestige and also quite mad, moved me, gratified me and convinced me of the worth of what I had done more than all the accolades the book has received.

I hope you all now understand that you must see this movie, read this book. I cannot do justice to this book, an elegant but simple, sorrowful but not, self-contained whilst being wide open to the world, recollection of his father.

I guess the general unknown of this outside Australia is a spurning of the edge of the world in part.

Romulus, My Father (ebook) by Raimond Gaita |

But most problematic is that people only want to read biography of Im It's a complete mystery romulus my father ebook for Gaita's two Romulus books are so little read. But most problematic is that people only want to read biography of Important People. The Importance can be the way of utter triviality, but it has to be public.

Romulus, however, isn't Important. He is only important. And apparently that doesn't cut it. Romulus my father ebook for not going to write about the book, I could not possibly do justice to it, a point on which I have brooded over the past months since reading it.

So, to resort to vulgarity, it's a fucking amazing book and anybody who reads it must come out the other end a better person.

Romulus, My Father

If enough people read it, at the end the world would be a better world. The Westminster city council has decided that homeless people should find somewhere else to be.


So, as well as declaring that the homeless will no longer make the city their home, the Council has told charities that they aren't allowed to feed the homeless any more.