Peak (Peak #1), The Edge (Peak, #2), and Ascent (Peak, #3). Peak Marcello has a passion for climbing. When he is arrested for scaling tall buildings, he is sent to live with his dad, whose team is preparing to climb Ever. When Peak Marcello gets caught breaking the law, his estranged father takes him in to keep him out of jail. Like Peak, his father is a rock climber.


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Peak will miss the twins, who are worried he won't be home for their birthday, but this seems like the best solution.

Peak by Roland Smith: Book Summary

Acclimatization Josh doesn't really intend to go back to Thailand; at least, not roland smith peak first. Instead, Josh wants Peak to become the youngest person to ever reach the summit of Mount Everest.

Roland smith peak mountain climbing business isn't doing well, but if his company gets the youngest person ever to the summit, it would create publicity, which would bring more money to the business.

He's even got a camera crew and reporter to capture Peak's success. Peak first needs to acclimatize, or get used to, the thinner air. If a climber doesn't acclimatize enough at different altitudes along the climb, they could get really sick, and even die.

roland smith peak

Peak (Peak #1) by Roland Smith

Even with proper acclimatization, the climb is very difficult and only a handful who try roland smith peak succeed. Company on the Mountain Josh isn't the only one helping Peak to prepare. Josh asks his friend Zopa, a former climber who's now a Buddhist monk, to help out with Peak.


Roland smith peak brings along Sun-Jo, a Tibetan boy around Peak's age. Zopa says he's helping Sun-Jo find work on the mountain. Sun-Jo roland smith peak to be in school with his sisters, but since their father died in a climbing accident, they can't afford the tuition.

Sun-Jo is hoping to be able to make enough money to support his sisters. Plot Twist It turns out Josh isn't the only one with ulterior motives.

One night, it's revealed Sun-Jo is really Zopa's grandson, and they're trying to get him to the summit. But the Chinese are already looking for reasons to pull climbing permits.

If they're caught, Roland smith peak business could be shut down, and Sun-Jo could be arrested. All of this roland smith peak worth the risk to Zopa and Sun-Jo.

Peak realizes at this point that his father bailed him out of jail to come and climb Mount Everest.

Peak Series

If he makes the climb, he will be the youngest person to reach the summit. Later, a German climber suffering from H.


Josh, the film crew, Sparky, Dr. Krieger, Thaddeus Roland smith peak, Zopa, and Sun-jo roland smith peak a meeting to discuss the climb. Josh asks about Sun-jo's health, and wonders if he can make it to the top, explaining that "Peak either makes it [to the summit] on the first try or he doesn't [make it at all].

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