KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Malaysia intercepted a boat carrying 56 Rohingya refugees from Myanmar off its northern island of Langkawi on. Rohingya refugees in Malaysia find themselves trapped in a limbo where they have no rights and no protection, no real future, writes Shamsul. Vital aid provided to Rohingya displaced in Myanmar and Bangladesh, but little done to help refugees inside Malaysia.


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Boats can originate from Myanmar or from overcrowded Bangladesh camps, rights groups have said. Muslim-majority Malaysia, which has not signed the U.


Students sit in class at the Penang Peace Learning Center. Experts say Malaysia should look at improving the Rohingya's access to employment, rohingya in malaysia and education.

Towle from the UNCHR says he can understand why Malaysia is afraid committing towards formal arrangements for the refugees might cause more to arrive. But despite the difficulties with work and education, the Rohingya students and parents at the Penang school say they are rohingya in malaysia.

Malaysia is peaceful compared to what he left behind, says Anwar. Now, he spends his free time playing football with new friends from the neighborhood.

Rohingya refugees find uneasy solace in Malaysia - CNN

Likewise, Jubairah Bashir, 34, who brought three children to her illegal migrant husband in Penang insays rohingya in malaysia has picked up basic Bahasa Melayu and can buy her groceries.

She has also made Malaysian friends. But otherwise Malaysia is good and the children have school here," she says. The Prime Minister's Office said there are 16, Rohingya children carrying UNHCR cards, essentially allowing them and family members rohingya in malaysia discount on medical services at hospitals in Malaysia.

Malaysia: A Rohingya safe haven? | Malaysia News | Al Jazeera

Refugees often work illegally to provide for their families. Malaysia has no intention to help refugees assimilate or study in government-run rohingya in malaysia, fearing more will come.

It's providing vital aid to Rohingya displaced in Myanmar and Bangladesh, but refugees argue nothing is being done to help those in Malaysia. If you have no education and your children cannot receive education, what is the point of having a [UNHCR] card? But without any legal status, they are rohingya in malaysia able to take on menial work and are vulnerable to exploitation.

This school in Alor Setar is run by an umbrella Muslim aid group known as the Malaysian Consultative Council for Islamic Organization; Rohingya children cannot attend government schools.

Refugees can't work legally or access public services such as government schools. The biggest worry for Bibi, who has health problems, is her children.

His asylum application was approved on the third attempt. A nationalist movement known as sees the Rohingya as a threat to the Buddhist majority.

Out of the frying pan… Rohingya in Malaysia live in fear, uncertainty

Hundreds were left dead andpeople displaced. Fear of violence has compelled many Rohingya people to seek asylum elsewhere.


What countries have they fled to? Surprisingly, an estimated population ofRohingya reside within Saudi Arabia.