5 months ago; views. A few minutes from the floor of the International Custom Rod Building Exposition. RodMaker Magazine uploaded a video 1 year. RodMaker Magazine. likes · 9 talking about this. RodMaker Magazine is the world's most popular publication for custom rod builders, detailing all. RodMaker mag is a good bang for the buck. As Mr. Kirkman says it is rare that you get a magazine that is less than 60% ads (I know of what I.


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I think most of what appears there is quite new and what rodmaker magazine new is usually very well updated with new methods and information.

Highliner Custom Rods featured in RodMaker Magazine

What magazines have covered grip flocking? Which ones have shown you how to do photo etching?

  • Highliner Custom Rods featured in RodMaker Magazine - Highliner Custom Rods
  • RodMaker Magazine - The Magazine For Custom Fishing Rod Builders > RodMaker Magazine
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Where else have you ever seen a easy way to properly set up the New Guide Concept System rodmaker magazine even Fuji has done this. I've never seen anything else on proper surface prep, not even close.

New Publication - RodMaker Magazine

Our articles on rod repair are rodmaker magazine peer. I could on for several pages on the new ideas and methods RodMaker has introduced, but it's unecessary. I feel the magazine has done dozens of articles on things which are truly new and unique in the field of rodmaker magazine building.

If it was simply a poor rehash of older concepts and ideas, it would not have become the most widely circulated rod building magazine of all time. One more thing on articles - I'll never print theories - the articles have to contain information that is accurate and has been proven to work.


And the person who submits the article should know that it will be checked for accuracy and factual content. I often get letters and emails from people asking about rodmaker magazine topics or methods they want to see or an answer they need - I assume they're not subscribers as the magazine has had articles that fully answered rodmaker magazine questions - but when I direct them to the volume and issue that has the very information they want, the usually come back and tell me that they are indeed subscribers and just overlooked the information!

The fact is, many subscribers don't really read the rodmaker magazine. The information is there, but I can't force anyone to read it. RodMaker provided them with the means.

You better believe they keep their eyes open for what rodmaker magazine guys are doing.

RodMaker Magazine - Wikipedia

Rodmaker magazine fact, he points with pride to the fact that nearly every commercially made fishing rod on the market today is configured or outfitted in nearly identical fashion to rods that appeared in RodMaker as much as 10 years ago. As well, there are several books available on rod building.

Clemens is probably the reason for the huge surge in interest in rod building over the past 20 years and he is regarded as being one of the most knowledgeable experts Dale won't like the term 'expert' being used to describe him in the world. His propensity to rodmaker magazine his knowledge and stay open to new ideas while anchoring RodCrafter Seminars throughout America for many years gave him an almost 'guru' status amongst rod builders.

As well as the above book, L. My own opinion is that this book does offer some good instruction, rodmaker magazine there are is also questionable advice and is in no way as comprehensive as the book by Clemens.

Golden Witch – RodMaker Magazine – Feather Inlay Issue – J/F

If you are looking for something very simple and easy to understand to help you build your first rod, rodmaker magazine may want to rodmaker magazine 'Do It Yourself Rod Building' by Bill Stinson.

This book offers solid but basic instruction but was written mostly with fibreglas blanks in mind. Construction of rods with graphite blanks is not rodmaker magazine that different than fibreglas, but more care must be taken in some steps to ensure that no damage is done to the blank's thinner graphite walls.

I have no idea about its contents as I have not read it nor have I seen any reviews on this book.


I do know however, that Morris has written some excellent works on fly tying and I would venture that he has written a good rodmaker magazine book on rod building. If you know anything rodmaker magazine it, please send me your comments.