HOME MADE OUTDOOR STOVES | See more ideas about Water heaters, Fire pit screen and Fire pits. 'It looks like a white camel with a fat hump on a pillar but in actual fact, its a hot water system. Rocket Stove technology has been around for many years, dat. Now as for this design, the existing gas water heater has a burn chamber and vertical flue (heat exchanger). I expect the risk with a direct rocket.


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Way back in the summer ofwe built a rocket stove water heater so we could have hot showers at Milkwood.

Our rocket stove water heating system First of all, you should probably have a look at the original post dealing with building this system, The Rocket-powered shower.

It explains the basic setup.

To summarize, our rocket hot water system has a rocket-stove style feed barrel, with a J-shaped feed tunnel. The hot air moves up through the heat riser and through a heat exchanger, which is the black rocket stove water heater thingy, where the water gets heated.

This is the only tricky bit of the system.


Still works fine, though it could do with a re-cobbing. This is partly due to in sufficient roofing in the first year, where the water came in and the cob partly dissolved.

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Happy with the design and construction rocket stove water heater, though. Works well, we remove the ash daily when this system is in heavy use.

The ash is removed via the little front door a firebrick with a handle with a trowel and placed in a metal bucket.

How to Build a Rocket Stove Water Heater (Video) | TreeHugger

From there, it goes wherever ash is needed on the farm. A simple task, easy to do before starting the first fire of the day.

The heat riser filled with vermiculite, shown during construction of the system Heat riser: Not a big deal in our context, but if this system was inside your house rocket stove water heater would be best not to rocket stove water heater a hot part in the heat riser that your kids could burn their fingers on.

Otherwise, this part of they system is fine and dandy. Slight rusting occurring it is made out of ironbut otherwise performing perfectly.

Best 20 bucks we ever spent at a garage sale. Working rocket stove water heater, no problems at all. Pressure release valve working fine though this system rarely gets a chance to overheat, due to the enthusiasm to use the hot water a.


The completed system, circa January The system circa June Well worn in with rocket stove water heater adjustments only, mostly to the water inlet and outlet pipes. Water inlets and outlets: We also insulated the pipes with rubber, to make the most of the heat energy.

Our rocket stove water heater: years on - Milkwood: permaculture courses, skills + stories

In mid summer, that goes down to mins of startup stick-feeding for the first hot shower and a couple of minutes of stick-feeding per hot shower thereafter.

Sometimes this is full.


Today it is not. Marco and Derek, master stick collectors. Now as for this design, the existing gas water heater has a burn chamber and vertical flue heat exchanger.