Unfortunately, it looks like the Green Rocket Pizza oven may only be available to people in the Dallas, TX area. As I read more about rocket stoves, I came to. However, I somehow cannot keep things simple and that's why I came up with the idea about combining a rocket stove with the pizza-oven. A rocket stove is an efficient and hot burning stove using small-diameter wood fuel. Fuel is burned in a simple combustion chamber containing an insulated.


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Certainly, a good option for me, right? Glenn, so you do have made tunnels underneath the backing floor?

Rocket stove

How much space have you left below rocket stove oven backing floor? Would you do the same heat-channel design again? Joel has just finished owner-building his permaculture-designed property and strawbale house which features impressive passive cooling, heating, lighting and water strategies, rocket stove oven stoves for heating and cooking, and a beautiful curved roofline that follows the path of the winter sun.


This is how in rocket stove oven the oven. Made the base out of 20 standard 8x8x16 cement blocks. Construction of this base was straight forward. Casting the dome Casting the dome was surprisingly quick less than 30 minutes once all the pieces were in place.

The mix was rocket stove oven gallons of castable refractory about half of a 50 pound bag and 4 gallons of perlite.

The Rocket Powered Oven: how to build your own super-efficient cooker

Check out the thanks page from our last kickstarter and the one before that. Science is what makes the j-tube core of the rocket oven and rocket mass heaters so amazing.

We start with science and the simplify the design about a hundred times as the decades pass and end up with what you see in the Rocket stove oven Ovens DVD. The Fire Science DVD is a full length workshop introduction to the bits and bobs that make all this work so amazingly well!

Permaculture Playing Cards as an ebook: My third kickstarter was the permaculture playing cards. Joel draws on a rocket stove oven well of experience as an energy auditor, sustainable transport consultant, environmental educator among other things which he combines with a rare knack for explaining technical issues in a clear and engaging way that cuts straight to the heart of matters.

I only got about 80cm.

Portable collapsible rocket stove deck heater/stove/pizza oven (rocket stoves forum at permies)

How do you see the missing height? Glenn, what temperatures do you reach with your current setup? I have modified a sketchup drawing, to make a pocket rocket pizza oven.