Main / Entertainment / Taeny fanfic pdf PERHATIAN: *pdf fanfic ini bukan tulisan saya. link download pdf taeny 1. fly to your heart. Risk Versus Reward. It's really rare to find fics that actually capture this essence of hers, like 'Risk vs Reward' (my favorite of all times). I'm kinda giving up on taeny. Risk Vs Reward SUPER AMAZING SUGOI AWESOME FIC LOL a more realistic approach. NO AU just the girls as they are in real life. Years later, Taeyeon deals.


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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

TaeNy January 30, at AM. Sequel is still being updated and gets better. An amazing writer, the syntax is phenomenal.


Hella amount of angst, boggles your mind on Taeyeon's character. I totally recommend if you wanna die you know? I'm not huge on it either but I hate stopping mid-read on fics that frustrate me.

Like I gotta see the end risk vs reward taeny my death and that's exactly what happened.

What's your favourite.. ? (ff based thread)

Oh but basically, all 3 grow up together and have been playing 'Family' for quite some risk vs reward taeny. Taeng and Jessica actually happened and Krystal doesn't seem too happy for them. And then it goes to hell from there. Taeyeon has basically had a shitty life since her parents were murdered and the only thing keeping her alive is her sister and Sooyoung who she meets at an orphanage.

They later leave the orphanage together and build their lives from there. Taeyeon does everything in her power to keep her sister risk vs reward taeny the best schools by juggling like 3 jobs and seriously works her ass off way too much.

Along the way of livin the hard life she meets Jessica who is an up and coming kick boxer who also works hard for her sister who's handicapped after an incident I believe. Their risk vs reward taeny is really odd yet somehow works but they do have lots of downs and I mean lots moreso than ups really.


It's a really trippy, you get that realism picture of relationships risk vs reward taeny being perfect and ppl carry a lot of baggage. Taeyeon goes through so much physical and mental shit that I just So this one is sort of a twist on the cinderella story with evil step mom and step sister.

Taeyeon's father died and ever since then her step mom became really abusive, blaming her father's death on risk vs reward taeny and her steop sister Jessica is just like her mother and abuses Taeyeon verbally and physically when her mom tells her too.

She meets and falls in love with Tiffany. Taeyeon later hears the news that the plane that Tiffany boarded never landed.

What is your favorite Top 10 Animated Films? The risk vs reward taeny of the fireflies 2.

TaeNy PDF | SoshiButts

And since then, all nine of us became extremely close and almost inseparable. Will risk vs reward taeny be able to cope with it? Oh Lots of bitch! And I enjoyed every single fucking one.

Even the way they confessed was so…sigh. It was so chill but my emotionzzzz like I teared up at the end! That fucking fambam epilogue, man.

They just…they love each other…for so long…that anything was better than not having each other to call as theirs.