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ringspann backstop In this case, selecting the right BS is a complex task. The dynamic behaviour of the BS — particularly in inclined conveyor belts — is a key factor in their selection.

Numerous analyses have hereby shown that the installation position of an BS has a large influence ringspann backstop the required torque — and the total operating costs: Ringspann backstop the torque requirement behaves linear to the gear ratios, the ringspann backstop for the BS largely do not behave linear.

As can be seen in figure 2, the cost expenditure as a percentage varies significantly depending on the installation position. In the example used here, an BS with sprag lift-off on the second intermediate shaft of the gearbox is approx.

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The fast running version is also more economical; the sprag lift-off also ensures its wear-free operation and long service life. Conveyor systems with single drives Let us first consider the example of a standard selection of an BS for ringspann backstop system with a single drive: Here, due to the non-linear torsion spring characteristics of the clamping elements in the BS in the ringspann backstop of the torque transmission, and due to the dynamic behaviour of all remaining elements in the drivetrain, a selection factor must be determined.

Depending on the requirement, BS manufacturers recommend a factor of between 2. This value is set conservatively and depends on different variables that have a significant influence on the dynamic behaviour of the ringspann backstop system — such as the belt inclination and the efficiency of the drive system.


Modern analysis programs such as DRESP for torsional oscillations — developed by the German Forschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik FVA — now make it possible to simulate the process of a complete drive system with all real inertia, stiffness and transmissions.

This also ringspann backstop it ringspann backstop to apply forces, torque characteristics and specific effects to the calculation models.

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While the lift-off function is not relevant for the calculation of its torque, the non-linear torsional stiffness influences the entire dynamics of the drive group.

This aspect is incorporated into the ringspann backstop — just like all other available inertias and stiffness. In the example, a load torque ML ofNm is applied to the conveyor pulley.

In the initial state, the pulley turns at a nominal speed of 26 rpm while all other rotating parts turn at a speed according to the gear ratios. Figure 4 shows the calculated braking of the drum and the resulting load in the BS: Ringspann backstop speed of the conveyor pulley slowly falls from the nominal speed back to 0 rpm, and the BS must hold the load after 19 seconds.

It is hereby subject to a peak torque of 91, Nm.

In this example, the ratio between peak and nominal torque is 2. The peak torque depends on the stiffness of all components. It can be greater if Ringspann backstop clutches or other non-linear components are installed.

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For the second simulation, a slowly running BS is mounted directly onto the conveyor pulley J6 — with the same system design as before.

The result can be seen in figure 5: Once again, the system stops after 19 seconds; now, however, the peak torque is 1, Nm. The ratio between peak and nominal torque in this case amounts to 2.

This means that the dynamic behaviour roughly corresponds to that of the arrangement with a fast running BS; the selection factor is also similar. One advantage of the slowly running BS, however, is that ringspann backstop drive gearing is not under tension after the system stop.

It is ringspann backstop as previously mentioned — much more expensive. PART II Conveyor systems with multiple drives When selecting BS for conveyor systems with multiple drives, it must be taken into consideration that, in the event of a stopping procedure, the torques are distributed unevenly to the individual drives and BSs.

ringspann backstop

Ringspann Backstops, Backstopping Clutches, Backstop Clutch

Primarily, in the event of a plant standstill, the entire return torque can, as ringspann backstop result of the differences in the radial ringspann backstop and the elasticity of the affected drives, lie on a single BS!

In systems that are equipped with a standard BS, the individual drive gearing and the BS must therefore be designed in such a manner that they can take up the entire ringspann backstop torque of the conveyor system to ensure its operational safety.

A load distribution system that protects the gearbox against overload and dynamic peak torques during the locking process is therefore extremely important for conveyor belts with multiple drives.