Composer: RICHARD ADDINSELL. Buy this great 01, Warsaw Concerto ( Digital Remaster) - Daniel Adni/Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra/Kenneth. Richard Addinsell. Publisher: Novello & Co. Warsaw Concerto . Publisher. EMI Music Publishers Ltd. Category. Soloist(s) and Orchestra. Year Composed. If you care at all for classical music, you've heard the Warsaw Concerto many times. You've probably never heard of the composer or the film.


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It met with the same middling success.

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Once the war ended, there was no further reason to pay much attention. As near as I can tell, people still find richard addinsell warsaw concerto mildly enjoyable, but not at all a great film. So the Warsaw Concerto appears to be nothing more than typical studio hack music of the time.

Exceptionally, the concerto was published right away.


WorldCat lists no fewer than 15 editions dated and four undated ones that may not be much later. Apparently audiences sort of liked the movie and amateur pianists really liked the concerto and wanted a chance richard addinsell warsaw concerto play it.

Warsaw Concerto, by Richard Addinsell

Finally, in the only extended concert sequence, we are given the closing section. But its use is not restricted to scenes with the "composer" at the piano.

The themes are found as underscoring throughout the film, and in this way a brief concert piece gains a dramatic resonance that belies its small richard addinsell warsaw concerto.

Role in the film[ edit ] Dangerous Moonlight takes place at the start of World War II and tells the story of a Polish concert pianist and composer, Stefan Radecki Anton Walbrook who defends his country by becoming a fighter pilot. After an air raid in Warsaw by the German army, he is discovered by an American reporter, Carol Peters Sally Richard addinsell warsaw concertopractising the piano in a bombed-out building.

It is the opening of his Warsaw Concerto, at this point a work in progress, and the first line he richard addinsell warsaw concerto to her is, "It is not safe to be out alone when the moon is so bright" referring to the moonlight bombing raids. Gazing intently at Carol and disclosing "something lovely you've just given me", he introduces the lyrical second theme of the Concerto.

And, indeed, this melody is always associated with Carol. Stefan speaks of the piece later in the film: After the war, historians had their hands full assessing richard addinsell warsaw concerto conflict.

Richard Addinsell's Warsaw Concerto: 'bloody awful'? - Classic FM

His research assistant, Henry Salomon, was overwhelmed by the huge amount of film footage that had been collected during the course of the war, and he felt that books could not do the material justice. The richard addinsell warsaw concerto approved the project, and Salomon assembled richard addinsell warsaw concerto team to edit over eleven thousand hours of film down to fit twenty-six half-hour episodes.

Victory at Sea was an enormous critical and popular success, winning both Emmy and Peabody awards. Richard Rodgers, fresh from the success of The King and I, composed the music for the series. Williams approached Itzhak Perlman, a native of Israel and the son of two Polish Jews, to perform the violin solos in the film.

A deliciously syrupy second theme -- a melody once famous and instantly recognized around the globe -- is pure Rachmaninov its cadence-moment is borrowed richard addinsell warsaw concerto from the Piano Concerto No. The effort is supremely skillful, the music graceful, and not overly self-indulgent; it is worth noting that many similar pastiches that appeared in films and on discs over the course of the next two decades have all been basically forgotten, leaving Addinsell 's Warsaw Concerto to mark the genre.