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This wide scope revistas en ingles gratis on original articles is aimed at fostering geriatric medicine across Europe.

European Geriatric Medicine will endeavour, not only to publish original high level revistas en ingles gratis articles, rapid communications, controversies in geriatric medicine, specific care programmes for the elderly, case reports, letters to the Editor, book reviews, geriatric career achievements, but also information and news from EUGMS.

Research approaches in the field of aging and physical activity emerge from several disciplines. A section of the journal is devoted to the work of novice researchers, who are invited to submit review papers. The scope of the EURAPA is broadly related to physical activity and aging in the biomedical as well as in behavioral sciences.

It meets the need for a scholarly journal with refereed scientific papers dealing with age differences and age changes at any point in the adult life span.

Areas of major focus include experimental psychology, neuropsychology, psychobiology, work research, ergonomics, and behavioral medicine.

Original research, book reviews, monographs, and papers covering special topics are published.

Revistas Médicas en ingles

The journal also publishes studies into the behavioural and cognitive consequences of aging, where a clear biological causal link is implicated.

Studies aimed at revistas en ingles gratis the gap between revistas en ingles gratis and clinical aspects of gerontology, such as papers on the basic aspects of age-related diseases, are welcomed, as is research orientated toward the modulation of the aging process.

Geriatric Mental Health Care aims at revistas en ingles gratis geriatric psychiatry service provision and treatment by enhancing and disseminating scientific knowledge on the translation of basic research findings from the disciplines of gerontology, ethics, neuroscience, neuropsychology, social science, technology, economy, clinical psychology, nursing, and pharmacology, into geriatric psychiatry services.

The journal focuses on the implementation of innovative treatments and state-of-the art guidelines into clinical practice under the conditions of different healthcare systems. Submissions may cover intervention trials, practice guidelines, cross-sectional studies on the quality and state of geriatric psychiatry services, as well as basic research findings with direct clinical relevance to the treatment of patients suffering from dementia, depression, delirium, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, and psychosis in old age.

The journal also includes case reports, letters to the editors, abstracts and new items that may be of interest to geriatrics and gerontology researchers. The journal also provides information on national and international congresses held within Asian countries to promote friendship and to exchange ideas of mutual interest in the field of geriatrics and gerontology.

The boundaries of most conventional dental specialties must be repeatedly crossed to provide optimal dental care for older people.

In addition, management of other health problems impacts on dental care and clinicians need knowledge in these numerous overlapping areas. Bringing together these diverse topics within one journal serves clinicians who are seeking to read and to publish papers across a broad spectrum of specialties.

Revistas en ingles gratis journal provides the juxtaposition of papers from traditional specialties but which share this patient-centred interest, providing a synergy that serves progress in the subject of gerodontology.

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