Begun and held in Metro Manila, on Monday, the twenty-fifth day of July, two thousand eleven. REPUBLIC ACT NO. AN ACT DEFINING CYBERCRIME. It restricts freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Violating it will cause you to be sent in jail for 12 years. Reasons for signing. Jan Carlo Carpio·6 years. RA-Republic Act No. by aileinb in Browse > Science & Tech > Tech > Online Safety & Privacy.


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That the requesting State shall submit a request for mutual assistance for the search or similar access, seizure or similar securing, or disclosure of the stored computer data.

Upon receiving the request from another State, the DOJ and law enforcement agencies shall take all appropriate measures to expeditiously preserve the specified data, in accordance with the Act and other republic act no.

10175 laws. For the purposes of responding to a request for preservation, dual criminality shall not be republic act no. 10175 as a condition; 8.

Republic Act No.

A request for preservation may only be refused if: The request concerns an offense that the Philippine Government considers as a political republic act no. 10175 or an offense connected with a political offense; or iv.

The Philippine Government considers the execution of the request to be prejudicial to republic act no. 10175 sovereignty, security, public order or other national interest. The requesting State will determine whether its request should be executed; and Any preservation effected in response to the request referred to in paragraph d shall be for a period not less than sixty 60 days, in order to enable the requesting State to submit a request for the search or similar access, seizure or similar securing, or disclosure of the data.

Following the receipt of such a request, the data shall continue to be preserved pending a decision on that request.


Accommodate request from another State to search, access, seize, secure, or disclose data republic act no. 10175 by means of a computer system located within the country, including data that has been preserved under the previous subsection.

The Philippine Government shall respond to the request through the proper application of international instruments, arrangements and laws, and in accordance with the following rules: The request shall be responded to on an expedited basis where: There are grounds to believe that relevant data is particularly vulnerable to loss or modification; or iv.


The instruments, arrangements and laws referred to in paragraph b of this section otherwise provide for expedited cooperation. The requesting State must maintain the confidentiality of the fact or the subject of request for assistance and cooperation.

Cybercrime Prevention Act of - Wikipedia

It may only use the requested information subject to the conditions specified in the grant. Make a republic act no. 10175 to any foreign state for assistance for purposes of detection, investigation and prosecution of offenses referred to in the Act; n.

The criminal offenses described under Chapter II of the Act shall be deemed to be included as extraditable offenses in any extradition treaty where the Philippines is a party: Provided, That the act committed falls within the scope of such authority; or c an authority to exercise control within the juridical person, the juridical person shall be held liable for a fine equivalent to at least double the fines imposable in Section 7 up to a maximum of Ten million pesos PhP10, If the commission of any of the punishable acts herein defined was made possible due to the lack of supervision or control by a natural person referred to and described in the preceding paragraph, for the benefit of that juridical person by a natural person acting under its authority, the juridical person shall be held liable for a fine equivalent to at least double the fines imposable in Section 7 up to a maximum of Five million pesos PhP5, The liability imposed on the juridical person shall be without prejudice to the criminal liability of the natural person who has committed the offense.

The NBI and the PNP shall organize a cybercrime unit or center manned by special investigators to exclusively handle cases involving violations of republic act no.

10175 Act.

Duties of Law Enforcement Authorities. Real-Time Collection of Traffic Data. All other data to be collected or seized or disclosed will require a court warrant. Service providers are required to cooperate and assist law enforcement authorities in the collection or recording of republic act no.

10175 above-stated information.