Remote Access Service (RAS) provides remote access capabilities to client applications on computers running Windows. Start and end a RAS connection operation using the common dialog boxes or the low-level dialing functions. Windows NT also provides support for RAS server. Originally the term “remote access service” was a term Microsoft used to describe a feature built into its Windows NT operating system that allowed users to log. You'd like to communicate efficiently and flexibly, regardless of the place, time and device? With the Remote Access Service, you can reliably connect notebooks.


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About Remote Access Service | Microsoft Docs

Programs taking advantage of remote access technology began to proliferate. VNC Virtual Network Computing was a desktop sharing system that transmitted keyboard and mouse events from one computer to another, using a simple, remote framebuffer RFB protocol.

The problem with these programs was that they were easily hacked since in the early days of broadband, security consisted of little more than basic user authentication and the weakest of passwords.

VPNs incorporate protocols that prevented message alteration, and blocked intercepts, packet sniffing and identity spoofing. This security comes with a price: Remote Computer Access Software Today there are a large number of programs remote access service allow users to access and backup their personal remote access service work computers from anywhere using an Internet connection.

Some of them even allow users access from their smart phones.


remote access service These programs range from simple freeware and shareware applications to more sophisticated product suites. The connection only takes a minute or two to set-up, and users can access their accounts from any computer no matter where it is.

These programs are that they allow users to work from anywhere and to share access to their machines with other users, remote access service of platform. It works across multiple platforms and includes easy-to-use administrative tools.


You can connect to other computers directly as well, using modems and serial or parallel cables though not USB connections. Software only works with a remote access service IP address 3. Software must be installed remote access service both the host and accessible computers.

There is no intermediary host or proxy server with this connection; administrators must connect directly with the computers they hope to access, and access can be tough when those computers are protected by firewalls.

Differences in screen resolutions between Macs and PCs are handled well, but the lag time accessing software commands between platforms is noticeable. One license of Timbuktu Pro is required per computer.


A remote access service connects a client to a host computer, known as a remote access server. Here are the connection steps: User dials into a PC at the office.

Remote access service the office PC logs into a file server where the needed information is stored.

What is a Remote Access Server (RAS)? - Definition from Techopedia

The remote PC takes control of the office PC's monitor and keyboard, allowing the remote user to view and remote access service information, execute commands, and exchange files.

Remote access service remote control programs work with RAS. PPP is a set of industry standard framing and authentication protocols that enable remote access. History[ edit ] The term was originally coined by Microsoft when referring to their built-in Windows NT remote access tools.

RAS is a service provided by Windows NT which allows most of the services which would be available on a network to be accessed over a modem link.

It is not necessary to run Windows NT on the client — there are client versions for other Windows operating systems.