la gran raza indiana del territrio de kankrei en guzerat provincia de bombay en la india. RAZA GUZERAT CARACTERISTICAS: GENOTIPICAS. Download scientific diagram| Microfotografía de un extendido del eyaculado de un macho de la raza Guzerat en etapa prepuberal from publication: Relationship. Toro Semental De Raza Guzerat #Guzerat #ToroGuzerat #GuzeratBull.


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Evaluation of round cells in semen analysis: Genetic and environmental components of semen production traits of artificial insemination Holstein Bulls.

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The relationship between scrotal circumference and quantitative testicular traits in yearling beef bulls. Downloads Raza guzerat data is not yet available. SciELO Colombia is an electronic library covering a select raza guzerat of scientific Colombian journals from all areas of knowledge. Searches can be made of SciELO's existing collections covering the whole network or just a particular country.


raza guzerat From toGuzerat were the most popular Indian breed being imported to the United States and South America, he explains. This breed is recognized by its large horns, stocky face, broad chest, and upward pointing horns.


A Guzerat raza guzerat typically light raza guzerat to black at maturity, according to OSU. The genetic effects were animal, sire, and cow. Focal samples and continuous recording was done in order to be able to record observations on events occurring in a short space of time.

The animal was not supported by any body part, whether on the side or ventral; Standing.

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The animal was supported on four legs; In circular movement. Moving around its own body, staying in the same place; Move.

When the animal moved its legs and left the place it raza guzerat before. The following categories were defined specifically with relation to raza guzerat in post-partum activities: Activities consisting of smelling, licking and pushing calves, in direct contact; Without apparent activity.

When the cow is motionless, without any apparent movement; Feeding difficulties.

Activities that constitute raza guzerat access of the calf to the udder; backing up, walking in circles, kicking and butting the calf. Regarding calf activities, the following categories were also considered: When in lateral lying position; Lying raza guzerat.

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When in sternal position; First movement. When it moved its head, turning to get into the sternal raza guzerat Standing.

Time taken raza guzerat stand up; Time the calf takes to begin to feed. When the calf found the udder and tried to attach itself; Lactation. When the calf had the udder in its mouth, sucking.

Recording was terminated immediately after the calf was able to start sucking or, if this did not occur, after five hours of observation. Cases raza guzerat needed help two Guzerat cows were not included in the data recorded.

After field activities, data was recorded and variables calculated.