Abstract. Background. The quality movement in health care has recognized better quality of work life (QWL) of employees as an important rubric for a health care. The purpose of this paper is to achieve three objectives: to investigate perceived quality of work life (QWL) need attributes among frontline employees in the. Abstract. The study aims at the relationship between Quality of Work Life and Job Satisfaction of employees. employees in the steel plant participated in this.


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At this backdrop, Quality of Work Life QWL has emerged as one of the most important aspect of Job that ensures long term association of the employees with the organization.

Quality of work life and employee satisfaction at Max New York Life Insurance Company is considered to be the most critical aspect.

A Study on Quality of Work Life among Employees

It is found that there are few facilities which are unsatisfactory, and few facilities are to be provided by the organization in order to maintain, retain the employees as well the high productivity of the organization.

Hence the management has to look upon the facilities that are not available and is the points where employees are quality of worklife of employees with unavailability of the facility. Because of the facilities that are unavailable will lead for low productivity, stress, unsatisfaction, etc.

At the same time it is observed that when the employees are provided with internal, personal, physical, spiritual working environments, will lead for higher productivity of the organization.

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Importance of the Study There is a much about the quality every aspect viz. Apart from this if the employee is provided with other extrinsic and intrinsic benefits then this quality of worklife of employees lead for high productivity and results in employee satisfaction too.

To introduce the hard practices in to the organization it is the important to have encouraging atmosphere.

Quality of working life

QWL is one of the quality of worklife of employees important factors, which leads to such favorable atmosphere. It produces more humanized jobs. It attempts to serve the higher order needs of employees are human resources that are to be developed rather than simply used QWL leads to an atmosphere that encourages than to improve their skill.

It also leads to have good interpersonal relations and highly motivated employees who strive for their development. QWL will ensure enthusiasm work environment with opportunities for every one to give is best.

A Study on Quality of Work Life among Employees | Open Access Journals

Such job will provide job satisfaction and pride to the company. Scope of the study The world today is a world of revolutionary changes. It gives us a change to scan the 20th century and foresee the 21st century new challenges in various field quality of worklife of employees being accepted.

The advantage of the information technology along with the industrialization in India demands a highly motivated, skilled and goal oriented work force.

It refers to the favorable or unfavorable aspect of a job environment for people working in the organization. Quality of worklife of employees defined QWL as the degree to which members of a work organization are able to satisfy personnel needs through their experience in the organizations. Walton explained QWL in term of following eight conditions; 1.

Adequate and fair compensation: The committee on fair wages defines wages as the wage which is above the living age. Safe and healthy working conditions: Most of the organizations provide safe and healthy working conditions.

Quality of working life - Wikipedia

Opportunity to use and develop human capacities: The worker can exercise more control over his or her work, QWL provides for opportunities like autonomy in work and participation in planning in order to use quality of worklife of employees capabilities.

Opportunity for career growth: Opportunities for promotions are limited for the employees due to either educational barriers or due to limited opening quality of worklife of employees the higher level. QWL provides opportunity for continued growth and security and by expanding employs knowledge and qualifications.

Social integration in the work place: Constitutionalism in the work organizations: Work and quality of life: To satisfy the new generation workforce, organizations need to concentrate on job designs and organization of work. Further, today's workforce is realizing the importance of relationships and is trying to strike a balance between career and personal lives.