Proofreading is the reading of a galley proof or an electronic copy of a publication to detect and correct production errors of text or art.‎Professional · ‎Self · ‎In fiction. proofread. To proofread is to look over a piece of writing for errors, watching out for spelling mistakes and grammar problems. If you don't proofread your work. Proofreading means examining your text carefully to find and correct typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, style, and spelling. Here are some tips.


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Proofreader testing[ edit ] Applicants.

What is Proofreading? - Definition & Symbols

Numerous books are also available that instruct the basics to their readers. Such tools proofreading definition self-preparation have by and large replaced formal workplace instruction. Proofreader applicants are tested primarily on their spellingspeed, proofreading definition skill in finding errors in the sample text.


Toward that end, they may be given a list of ten or twenty classically difficult words and a proofreading test, both tightly proofreading definition. The proofreading test will often have a maximum number of errors per quantity proofreading definition text and a minimum amount of time to find them.

The goal of this approach is to identify those with the best skill set. A contrasting approach to testing is to identify and reward persistence more than proofreading definition arbitrarily high level of expertise.

Proofreading - definition of proofreading by The Free Dictionary

For the spelling portion of the test, that can be accomplished by providing a dictionary, lengthening the word list conspicuously, and making clear that the test is not timed. For the proofreading portion, a suitable language-usage reference proofreading definition e.

Note that knowing where to find needed information in such specialized books is itself an effective component of proofreading definition test. Removing the pressure of what is essentially an ASAP deadline will identify those applicants with marginally greater reservoirs of persistence, stamina, and commitment.

What is Proofreading? - Definition & Symbols - Video & Lesson Transcript |

At the same time, by mooting the need for applicants to make use of a memorized proofreading definition of difficult words and a studied knowledge of the more common grammatical traps affect, effect, lay, lieapplicants learn that their success depends primarily on a quality proofreading definition least theoretically available proofreading definition anyone at any time without preparation.

Formal employee testing is usually planned and announced well in advance, and may have titles, such as Levels Testing, Skills Evaluation, etc. They are found in corporate or governmental environments with a large enough HR staff to devote to preparing and administering the tests.

Informal employee testing takes place whenever a manager feels the need to take a random sampling of a proofreader's work by double-reading selected pages.


Usually, this is done without warning, and sometimes it will be done secretly. It can be highly effective, and there will proofreading definition be times when such re-reading is justified, but care must be taken.

There are two basic approaches. The first is to re-read a proof within its deadline and in the department itself. Thus the manager will read from the same proofreading definition that the first reader saw, and be aware of any volume and deadline pressures the first reader was under, and can directly observe the individual in real time.

proofreading definition This approach can also be proofreading definition as a matter of routine. The goal then is not to confirm a specific suspicion of poor job performance by a particular reader, but rather to confirm a general assumption that the proofreading staff needs ongoing monitoring.

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The second proofreading definition to informal testing is to wait for some days or weeks and then, as time allows, randomly select proofreading definition to re-read while outside the department.

Such proofs may or may not be accompanied by the copy pages that the proofreader saw.


Here the re-reader is examining the proof from the perspective of typographical and formatting accuracy alone, ignoring how many other pages the proofreading definition reader had read that day, and had yet to read, and how many pages were successfully read and how many deadlines were met proofreading definition a given day's specific conditions.

Economics[ edit ] Proofreading cannot be fully cost-effective where volume or unpredictable workflow prevents proofreaders from managing their own time. Examples are newspapersthermographic trade printing of business cardsand network hubs.

How to Proofread

If you had proofread your book listing, you would've been able to afford that matinee show. Proofreading errors, even if they cost nothing as far as money, can be pretty embarrassing. Failing to properly proofread your material before it leaves proofreading definition desk can not only be embarrassing, but also lead to miscommunication.

Proofreading is the last step in your writing and editing process. When You Proofread Work from a proofreading definition, not the computer screen.

But see below for computer functions that can help you find some kinds proofreading definition mistakes. This is especially helpful for spotting run-on sentences, but you'll also hear other problems that you may not see when reading silently.