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For example, fluctuations in landscape productivity have the promotores ambientales to alter predator and prey abundance, whereas nest vegetation promotores ambientales patterns of nest spacing may influence predator behavior.

We used 8 yr of site-specific environmental data coupled with data collected from 11, duck nests to evaluate the relative importance of large-scale and local factors on nest survival.

We found that higher values of gross primary productivity, basins, and pond counts were associated with higher nest survival in a given year, but were associated with lower nest survival the following 2 yr.

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Taken in combination with the literature, our interpretation is that productive environmental conditions can result in time-lagged increases in predator abundance, promotores ambientales to higher levels promotores ambientales nest predation in subsequent years.

Local factors were generally less important than large-scale covariates in determining duck nest survival, but we found that nests laid earlier, in thicker vegetation, and with closer nearest neighbors had higher survival rates.

Our results highlight the importance of both large-scale and local factors as they affect duck nest survival, and suggest several hypotheses about predator numerical and aggregative responses that are ripe for empirical testing.

Of mice and promotores ambientales Positive indirect effects of coexisting prey on waterfowl nest success. Waterfowl use of dense nesting cover in the Canadian Parklands.

Journal of Wildlife Management Model Selection and Multimodel Inference: A Practical Information—Theoretic Approach.

Capacitación a promotores ambientales "Reeduca Aire" | Flickr

Google Scholar Chalfoun, A. Nest predators and fragmentation: A review and meta-analysis.


Distance to nearest neighbor as a measure of spatial relationships in populations. Pattern from process in nest-site promotores ambientales by ducks?

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Acorn mast drives promotores ambientales dynamics of rodent and songbird populations. Effects of habitat characteristics on gadwall nest predation and nest-site selection.

Los Promotores Ambientales -

Effects promotores ambientales spring body condition and age on reproduction in Mallards Anas platyrhynchos. Advanced techniques for modeling avian nest survival.

Population vulnerability to climate change linked to timing of breeding in boreal ducks. Global Change Biology Seasonal variation in waterfowl nesting success promotores ambientales its relation to cover management in the Canadian prairies.

Changes in size and trends of North American sea duck populations associated with North Pacific oceanic regime shifts. On territorial behavior promotores ambientales other factors influencing habitat distribution in birds.

Capacitación a promotores ambientales "Reeduca Aire"

Effects of mammalian predator removal on production of upland-nesting ducks in North Dakota. Timing of nest searches for upland nesting waterfowl.

Nesting promotores ambientales of ducks on the central Yukon Flats, Alaska.

Canadian Journal promotores ambientales Zoology Time-specific variation in passerine nest survival: New insights into old questions.