The context of project management—where passion 'lives" Paper presented at PMI® Global Congress —Asia Pacific, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It defines what the author describes as the passion levers, the enablers which help project managers succeed. CHAPTER 5THE STRATEGIC CONTEXT OF PROJECTS1 “Many of us are like the little boy we met trudging along a Selection from Project Management [Book]. Projects Cannot Be Run In Isolation Projects must operate in a broad organizational environment Project managers need to take a holistic or systems view of a.


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Project Management by Lewis R. Ireland, David L. Cleland

These projects could develop into creating project management context materials related to wind power, solar power, electricity transmission, biofuels, environmental protection, etc. Organizing to Manage Projects Because project management is different from operations organizational management, projects are handled best by people who are trained in project management.

This expertise can be obtained by hiring an outside consulting firm that specializes in project management or by developing an project management context group. Some organizations are designed to execute specific projects.

Chapter 2: The Project Management Context and Processes - ppt video online download

Often entities contract with engineering and construction companies to design and build their facilities, or hire software companies to develop a software solution.

Project management context major work processes within these organizations are designed to support the acquisition and execution of those projects.


Similarly, there are instructional design firms who have the specialized skills to effectively and efficiently design valuable instruction for their clients. The ability of these types of organizations to successfully manage projects in house becomes a competitive advantage for them in the marketplace.

Organizations designed to project management context products or services also use projects.

Project Definition and Context – Project Management for Instructional Designers

As economic pressures increase the speed in which organizations must change and adapt to new environmental conditions, leaders are increasingly chartering projects to enable the organization to adapt more quickly. The application of a project management approach increases the likelihood of success as organizations charter a project management context to facilitate organizational change, to increase the development and introduction of new products or support the merger or divesture of organizational units.

Image by antgirl Project project management context offices PMOs have project management context within organizations to facilitate development of organizational knowledge, skills, and tools to internally charter and manage projects.

The PMO varies in structure and responsibility depending on the project management approach of the parent organization. Focuses on symbols and meanings related to events.

Chapter 2 - The Project Management Context

Course Technology 14 What Went Wrong? Many data warehousing projects are side-tracked or derailed completely by politics.

Data warehousing projects are always potentially political because they cross departmental boundaries, change both the terms of data ownership and data access, and affect the work practices of highly autonomous and powerful user communities. Many organizations fail to admit that many data warehousing projects fail primarily because management and project teams do not understand and manage politics.

Marc Demarest found over articles on the topic of project management context warehousing based on a journal search he did from July to July Many of those articles offer advice on how to run successful data warehousing projects and focus on the importance of design, technical, and procedural factors, when, in fact, political factors are often the project management context important in helping these projects succeed.


The project life cycle definition will determine whether the feasibility study is treated as the first project phase or as a separate, stand-alone project. The project life cycle definition will also determine which transitional actions at the project management context of the project are included and which are not.

Chapter 2: The Project Management Context and Processes

In this manner, the project life cycle definition can be used to link the project management context to the ongoing operations of the performing organization.

The phase sequence defined by most project life cycles generally involves some form of technology transfer or hand-off such as requirements project management context design, construction to operations, or design to manufacturing.

Deliverables from the preceding phase are usually approved before work starts on the next phase. However, a subsequent phase is sometimes begun prior to approval of the previous phase deliverables when the risks involved are deemed acceptable.