Locate the ai folder in the igi commonai directory and duplicate it. Open the original ai folder and locate file List the file names of. HI not come a cross any cheats but this may be some guide for it. Project IGI Walkthrough, FAQ, Guides At the Main Menu, type 'Nada'. IGI 1 Cheats Codes (very easy) % working codes. Tutorials & Tips. Loading. Game. Project I.G.I.;


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Press space and find an enemy about m or closer awey from you look at his stumik and press space agein. I shoot an sniper on m 3 times and hi was moving.

Demoversion On the Main Menu type "Nada" and then when you are in the game type in these cheat codes: The last thing you want is to get stuck reloading during a firefight.

There are often safer points of entry.


If you shoot someone and a camera sees it, the alarm will sound and your goose is cooked. How to stop detection from Security cameras with one bullet. Go to the water tower once you have killed two guys in the communications room.

If you are out of ammo and must reload when there's enemies ahead, try to find a safe place. They will shoot you when you run, project igi cheats codes press jump and strafe left or right when you run to safety. Don't project igi cheats codes trying to keep your ammo reserves too high, the ammo and guns will be different in the next mission.

SOLVED: Looking for Project IGI Cheat Codes.. Kindly help - Fixya

Each weapon has its own special uses in a mission. Use the right gun for the right circumstances and learn the good and bad points for each weapon.


Try to shoot the enemies in the head or stab them in the head to kill them instantly. I think they may wear bullet-proof vests so are harder to kill twice as hard.

When project igi cheats codes are on levels with weak walls such as wood dooryou are able to shoot people through the walls.

Convert AK47 into Colt Anaconda!!!: Hex Cheat Submitted by: This is a really funny and interesting cheat and what makes it more worthy for me is that I myself discovered it!! Colt Anaconda is a secret gun, as they say, project igi cheats codes found in the last level, but I never found it!!

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Now open the weapons folder and you will see several folders with the names of the guns like ak47 project igi cheats codes. Open the AK47 folder and you will see a file named weapon. Open this file in your favorite Hex Editor I like Hackman and search for a string named: Open this in hex editor and search for a sting named: Now run the game and you will see that the guards which were previously holding ak47 will now have colt anaconda.