Title, Procedura penale. Publisher, Giappichelli, ISBN, , Length, pages. Subjects. Law. › Criminal Procedure. Available in the National Library of Australia collection. Author: Cordero, France; Format: Book; p. ; 25 cm. Procedura Penale has 2 ratings and 1 review. Angelo said: Libro complicato, non brilla certo per chiarezza espositiva. Il fatto che il numero di autori s.


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Then, through a procedura penale approach mainly involving common law systems, the focus procedura penale to the concepts of "materiality" and "deceptive attitude". The broad construction of the concept of "material facts" - construed as comprehensive of accounting estimates - seems to require a rather creative approach, although this seems to be the only solution to accurately frame the crime.

Conversely, a strict construction is suggested for the other requirements.


The article aims at procedura penale the development of non-custodial sanctions in Europe. The Author argues that such development can follow two main patterns: The horizontal model is based on comparative legal studies and implies a spontaneous reception and transplant of alternative sanctions existing in other legal systems.

The vertical model is based on the adoption of non-custodial sanctions recommended or prescribed by international and supranational legal sources. Procedura penale pros and the cons of the first model are highlighted and emphasis is placed on the increasing importance of an interstate harmonisation of non-custodial sanctions fostered by the vertical influence of international and supranational legal sources.

Procedura penale | National Library of Australia

The most visible outcomes of these developments are briefly summarised with regard both to European and Italian legal context. Also the evolution of the applicable regulations procedura penale to move in this direction.


The legal provisions on the revocation of confiscation is emblematic in this respect: Hence, the legal inconsistency of the thesis of intrinsic danger of possessions as a preliminary requirement for the legitimacy, from a constitutional and conventional standpoint, of preventative confiscation.

Preventive Measures and the Procedura penale of Prevention, procedura penale.

DPC | Rivista italiana di diritto e procedura penale n. 1/ (Abstracts -

The current problems of crime prevention do not find an acceptable response procedura penale the personal preventive measures set out in the Italian legislation, which, despite the reforms procedura penale over time, still lack legal certainly both in terms of the conditions for their application and in terms of their contents.

Their constitutional legitimacy, which has always been challenged in the legal literature, is questioned by the European Court of Human Rights. Coercive measures other than the penalty imposed as a consequence of a criminal offence — as security measures — may be legitimized in the Italian constitutional system only on the basis of legally well-defined conditions and only if targeted to specific types of crimes.

The multi-faceted genius of Carlo Cattaneo found an expression also in the complex and outdated legislation on detention. On several occasions and starting off from complementary perspectives, he aimed at highlighting the need to put in place a virtuous circle of intersections between practical experimentation and theoretical elaboration so as develop, with a multidisciplinary approach, tangible and positive reform outcomes.

This essay analyzes the evolution of the Italian procedura penale on the carrying of the holy knife kirpan by the Sikh minority, which ranges from an initial leniency by ordinary judges to the subsequent rigor adopted by the Supreme Court.


After some quick reflections on the reactions reported in the literature to the most recent Procedura penale Court decisions, the essay stresses the importance of a rapid enactment of the legislative draft concerning the balance between the opposite needs of religious freedom and public security, which should both procedura penale taken into account by the law on kirpan-carrying.

An overview of the existing theses on this subject is provided, which includes the traditional ones focusing on the sympathetic feelings for animals, the more recent theses endorsed by animal rights activists, and the hybrid theses that tend to blend human and animal values.

Supreme Court and of the federal criminal courts, the Author identifies two different trends of the procedura penale and judicial strategy in the field of repression of public corruption in the U. The first trend as in McCormick v.

Procedura Penale

This latter trend seems to the Author uncoherent with the legality principle. A broad procedura penale of criminal law federal statutes is affirmed by the Procedura penale.

Supreme Court and by the federal courts and prosecutors using vague federal statutes different from the bribery statutes: The aim of the federal criminal justice is to harshly punish and investigate corruption by affirming the federal jurisdiction.

However, the consistency of this aim with the principle of legality and the related guarantees is particularly problematic.