Prithvi Vallabh is a 45 minute action-adventure-drama-fantasy-romance starring Ashish Sharma as Prithvi Vallabh/Munja and Sonarika Bhadoria as. The story follows the life journey of two kings: Prithvi Vallabh, king of Avantipur, a kind and peaceful man, and Tailap, the neighboring king, who is very cruel. Prithvi Vallabh (Hindi: पृथ्वी वल्लभ) is a historical drama Bollywood film directed by Sohrab Modi. Made under the Minerva Movietone banner it was  Release date‎: ‎


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He freely mixed with his subjects without any egoism of aristocratic hierarchy.

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He was an able statesman. He did many welfare activities for his kingdom. He was a great patron of art and literature.

Prithvi Vallabh: Itihaas Bhi, Rahasya Bhi

Prithvi vallabh was into poetry and music very much and many scholars and poets from many parts of India came to his kingdom. Padmagupta and Shobhana Dhanika were two of his patronised poets.


Munja was a philosophical King and was always eager to impart wisdom to his people. He had also appointed a Philosopher named Ahichchhatra which is recorded in his inscriptions.

He also was a scholar and poet. It is believed that he himself composed philosophical works, sang along with his subjects prithvi vallabh poets involving them too as he was a benevolent king prithvi vallabh there are no texts evidences of this.

What is the history of King Prithvi Vallabh? - Quora

His legacy has been found due to his relation to Raja Bhoja, who was his nephew and later become the successor to Malwa. Munja loved his prithvi vallabh dealy.

Prithvi vallabh gave him training in warfare and always praised him for prithvi vallabh a good intelect in poetry and verses. Bhoja was patronized by famous poets too in their memoirs. His inscriptions have been recorded vastly.

Since many kingdoms were bent on defeating him and the Malwa kingdom, the Chalukya king was no exception. He fought multiple times with Munja and was defeated each time.

Prithvi Vallabh: Itihaas Bhi, Rahasya Bhi (TV Series – ) - IMDb

Unfortunately, for the first time in history and the last prithvi vallabh great ruler was defeated terribly in prithvi vallabh epic battle of that time and captured by the Chalukyan king. Talipa was not alone in his pursuit.

He had a sister named Mrinalvati, who was an extraordinary princess of beauty, courage and battle skills. She was as much a war and military strategist as her brother. Having faced the harshness of defeat by the Malwa prithvi vallabh during childhood both the siblings were very close and guided each other in their pursuit of prithvi vallabh successes and victories.

Prithvi Vallabh - Itihaas Bhi, Rahasya Bhi - Wikipedia

Prithvi vallabh, left no stone unturned in making her brother a good King and a ruler. Yet he could never be broken down and continued imparting philosophy to people when he was disgraced on streets of Chalukyan kingdom.

His charismatic, positive and optimistic demeanor mesmerised even the prithvi vallabh of that kingdom. Never had they seen a king like him before, true to his Title.