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Consequently, both wind and seismic loading demands were determined with details provided to porticos estructurales adequate ductility capacity for seismic loading.


Since porticos estructurales design is more complex, it is addressed first. Inelastic spectra in the form of Yield Point Spectra are plotted in Figure 5.

Thus, using a single-degree-of-freedom SDOF system to represent the response of the prototype building, the required strength to limit ductility and hence, displacement demands can be established for any estimated yield displacement. Portion of Yield Point Spectra Aschheim and Black, showing yield strength coefficients associated with different ductility demands System displacements The required porticos estructurales to limit system ductility and porticos estructurales peak displacement is plotted porticos estructurales a function of yield displacement in Figure 5.

The roof displacement associated with flexural deformation of the rebar dowel restrained from end rotation is estimated in Tables 3 and 4.

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Porticos estructurales addition, the porticos estructurales structural components members are assumed to undergo elastic deformation.

This deformation is assumed to consist of elastic deformation within the bamboo framing members and deformation at the bamboo frame connections. Thus, at effective yield of the system, Table 3. Framing member deformations associated with axial loads are very small, while slip at the connection depends heavily on the connection details employed.

The sensitivity of the design to connection slip was investigated, assuming connection slip contributes 0. Determination porticos estructurales the ductility demand that can be sustained by the structure depends on the contribution of the capacity-protected members to roof displacement. Since the system displacement results from inelastic demand porticos estructurales within the rebar dowel, the allowable system ductility depends on the displacement that can be tolerated by the rebar dowel.


Because the large inherent ductility of the steel comprising the rebar dowel, the displacement limit porticos estructurales the dowel was derived by imposition of limits associated with P-Delta effects.

The proposed frame, as detailed in Figure 4was analyzed at the effective yield strength corresponding to plastification of the rebar dowel to porticos estructurales the associated overturning axial compression in the rebar dowel, POT.

Tributary dead loads were considered to establish the gravity load contribution to the dowel axial force, Pgravity.


Analytic porticos estructurales as described in Section IV, show the rebar dowel, porticos estructurales length not exceeding perhaps 8F, can withstand large displacements without negative post yield effects for. However, to establish a displacement limit, existing limits applicable to bridge construction were applied.

These limits are applicable to cantilever columns.


The resulting displacement limit for the system is given by The most restrictive P-Delta limit is porticos estructurales for the highest axial force. The culm with the largest dead load is considered together with superimposed overturning compression arising from the braced frame resisting lateral loads.

Porticos estructurales largest tributary weight on a dowel is represented by the weight tributary to any of the columns along the long perimeter wall, away from the corners.

The tributary porticos estructurales load, W, for this column was calculated to be lbs. Additional overturning axial forces are also present.

A bamboo braced frame system for tropical climates

Thus, Pgovern is taken equal to lbs porticos estructurales. Lagaros provides consulting, peer-review and expert-witness services to private companies and federal government agencies in Greece.


A focus of his consulting work is the assessment of buildings after earthquake events and the development of technical software.

The results of his research activity encompass a wide range of topics with an interdisciplinary character in the field of computational mechanics. Porticos estructurales published porticos estructurales work contains: