Rizal's Poems. Last Poem of Rizal (Mi Ultimo Adios) [ Tagalog | English ] To The Philippines [ English ] Our Mother Tongue [ English ] Memories of My town‎English · ‎Ang Huling Paalam · ‎Sa Aking mga Kabata · ‎Memories of My Town. A poem dedicated to Rizal: JPRMyAR by: Kyle Victor Jose and Dr. Jose Rizal (Partially) A martyr's death fulfills the Filipinos. His life, His compatriots, His family. Browse through Jose Rizal's poems and quotes. 26 poems of Jose Rizal. Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You Forget Me, Dreams, Annabel Lee. Dr. José.


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poems of rizal Or are you maybe throwing in my face my rank ingratitude, my bitter past? Why resurrect unhappy memories now when the heart awaits from love a sign, or call the night when day begins to smile, not knowing if another day will shine?

She puts the Country in the lofty seat Of endless glory, of dazzling glow, And just as the gentle aura's puff Do brighten the perfumed flower's hue: So education with a wise, guiding hand, A benefactress, exalts the human band.

Man's placid repose and earthly life Poems of rizal education he dedicates Because of her, art and science are born Man; and as from the poems of rizal mount above The pure rivulet flows, undulates, So education beyond measure Gives the Country tranquility secure.

Where wise education raises a throne Sprightly youth are invigorated, Who with firm stand error they subdue And with noble ideas are exalted; It breaks immortality's neck, Contemptible crime before it is halted: It humbles barbarous nations And it makes of savages champions.

And like the spring that nourishes The plants, the bushes of the meads, She goes on spilling her placid wealth, And with kind eagerness she constantly feeds, The river banks through which she slips, And to beautiful nature all she concedes, So whoever procures education wise Until the height poems of rizal honor may rise.

From her lips the waters crystalline Gush forth without end, of divine virtue, And prudent doctrines of her faith The forces weak of evil subdue, That break apart like the whitish waves That lash upon the motionless shoreline: And poems of rizal climb the heavenly ways the people Do learn with her noble example.


In the wretched human beings' breast The living flame of good she lights The hands of criminal fierce she ties, And fill the faithful hearts with delights, Which seeks her secrets beneficent And in the love for the good her breast she incites, And it's th' education noble and pure Of human life the balsam poems of rizal.

Your atmosphere, your skies, your vales I'll sweep; Vibrant and clear poems of rizal to your ears I shall be: Aroma, light, hues, murmur, song, moanings deep, Constantly repeating the essence of the faith I keep.

My idolized Country, for whom I poems of rizal gravely pine, Dear Philippines, to my last goodbye, oh, harken There I leave all: Farewell, parents, brothers, beloved by me, Friends of my childhood, in the home distressed; Give thanks that now I rest from the wearisome day; Farewell, sweet stranger, my friend, who brightened my way; Farewell, to all I love.

Pray thee for all the hapless who have died, For all those who unequalled torments have undergone; For our poor mothers who in bitterness have cried; For orphans, widows and captives to tortures were shied, And pray too that you may see you own redemption.

And when poems of rizal dark night wraps the cemet'ry And only the dead to vigil there are left alone, Don't disturb their repose, don't disturb the mystery: If you hear the sounds of cithern or psaltery, It is I, dear Country, who, a song t'you intone.

And when my grave by all is no more remembered, With neither cross nor stone to mark its place, Let it be plowed by man, with spade let it be poems of rizal And my ashes ere to nothingness are restored, Let them turn to dust to cover your earthly space.