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How long does it take to receive my bank account opening confirmation? It depends on the delivery plz-karte deutschland specified in your contract. In case you requested e-mail delivery, you will receive the confirmation right after the opening request was processed.

Berliner Ortsteil - suche PLZ

If you requested postal mail delivery, it can take up to 4 weeks until you receive the confirmation. Unfortunately, we have no influence on the post. plz-karte deutschland

How will I receive the account number? Once the account has been opened, you will plz-karte deutschland the account details by e-mail or by post to your registered address depending on what you selected in the account opening plz-karte deutschland.

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Please check the plz-karte deutschland for spam of your mail client. What do I have to do? There is no need to do anything for you. Your account can be used in any city in Germany.


We require no information about a possible change of the place of study. My account has been opened, but the blocked amounts are incorrect.

Possible reasons for this may be that in filling the account opening forms plz-karte deutschland accepted the stated usual amounts for a whole year and now insist a shorter period of your stay for example 6 months or the German embassy wants other amounts.

For the correction of the blocked amounts please send us a new plz-karte deutschland form with the required amounts in original to our address. Please note that we can only accept originals.

File:Karte Deutschland.svg

A renewed authentication by the German embassy is not necessary. I received a confirmation for the account opening with incorrect personal data. Can this be corrected?

In this case please use the possibility to contact us "By email" via the contact form in the "Contact"-section on the bottom of this website.

In the event that plz-karte deutschland need detailed information, plz-karte deutschland will contact you. I sent my documents some time ago but still got no confirmation for the account opening including the account number.

PLZ KARTE - Nützliche Informationen

plz-karte deutschland Please plz-karte deutschland that account openings typically take one week. Please also note that, in the periods before the start of the academic year in Germany, processing times may be longer due to the high number of applications received. Please take this into consideration when applying for your visa.

If your documents were incomplete, you must have already plz-karte deutschland an e-mail from us. If you have not received an e-mail from us, your documents have plz-karte deutschland arrived at our department.

When will I receive confirmation of plz-karte deutschland of funds? When the full blocking deposit has been credited to the account, you will automatically receive confirmation.

Before that point, we do not send out any information about your account balance, and, for reasons of security and banking secrecy, we do not answer any questions about account activity.


I have already received confirmation from you and now the embassy wishes to have a different amount blocked. If the German Embassy wishes to have a different amount blocked, please send us a new plz-karte deutschland form with the new details.