Best Plyometrics to Jump Higher for Basketball (and Volleyball) Bounding. Bounding is a basic plyometric drill used by runners, sprinters and other athletes to improve the speed and single leg jumping ability. Frog Jumps. Depth Jumps. Box Jumps. Squat Jumps. Ankle Hops. Vertical Jumps. Standing Broad Jumps. Read 4 answers by scientists to the question asked by Lee Jones on Jan 26, Plyometrics for Basketball. Plyometric training, which is also referred to as jump training, includes exercises that involve fast jumping, landing, bounding.


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Two platforms that can hold your weight and are stable. The platforms are usually of two unequal plyometrics for basketball. Performing the Depth Jump: Position the 2 platforms so that they are in a straight line, with enough space between them for you to land in the plyometrics for basketball and jump to the other platform.

Jump Higher With Plyometrics for Basketball

Stand on one platform start with the lower one and step off the edge. Upon hitting the ground, plyometrics for basketball jump up to the other platform. As you get better, increase the height of plyometrics for basketball platform.

Performing the Box Jump: Stand before the platform or box Bend your knees and jump up to the box. Upon landing on the box, go back down right away and land on the position you started at. Squat Jumps Squat jumps are a great exercise for big men who need to go after block shots and gather rebounds.

Plyometrics for Basketball - The Exercisers

It is also a great repetitive teaching tool that teaches players how plyometrics for basketball jump correctly with both feet. Performing the Squat Jump: Standing straight, put both hands behind your head.

Next, get into athletic position and go down into a squat stance. Forcefully extend hips, knees and ankles and swing arms up to jump as high as possible. Land softly and repeat for specified reps. Replace with Weighted Squat Jumps plyometrics for basketball an additional challenge.

Reactive Double-Leg Bounding Assume athletic stance.

Plyometrics for Basketball

Swing arms forward and leap forward as far as possible. During the off season training can go at full speed, but even then, guidelines limit training to 2 times a week, 3 times at most with at least a 48 hour rest period between plyometric training sessions. This gives the ligament, joints and plyometrics for basketball enough time to recover in order to get plyometrics for basketball to full strength and avoid injury.

Box Jump Box jumps or front box jumps are among the top plyometric drills for increasing vertical leap. The reason is that they are very effective.

The front box jump makes you use your quads and glutes as well as your vision to connect what you need to do and make your body do it. Stand in front of a plyometrics for basketball box or plyo box.

Best Plyometrics to Jump Higher for Basketball

Bend from the knees till you go down into squat position. Swing your arms to gain momentum and jump up to the top of the plyo box. Try to land softly. Step off the box and plyometrics for basketball back on the floor.