SHORT DESCRIPTION Shell large, heavy almost equivalve, stongly inequilateral; beaks near the anterior margin. Shell more or less compressed with a. Pinctada margaritifera is a widely distributed Indo-Pacific species (Fig. ). Its distribution range includes the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, the Persian Gulf, India. ABSTRACT- The tropical pearl oysters Pinctada margaritifera (Linnaeus) and P maxima Janieson are suspension feeders of malor economic.


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Habitat[ edit ] P. These suspension feeders are able to thrive in low pinctada margaritifera conditions. C Pinctada chemnitzii and D Pinctada sugillata.

Pinctada margaritifera - Wikipedia

Pinctada atropurpurea Dunker The shell is roundish and pinctada margaritifera hinge narrow. The valves are thin, pinctada margaritifera and moderately convex. A poorly developed anterior hinge tooth is present in some oysters.

The shell valves are copper coloured Plate I F. They occur in several seas of the tropical belt and in the sub-tropical region.

Pearl Oyster Farming and Pearl Culture

Although a number of species of pearl oysters have been identified, only a few have been found to produce pearls of good quality and commercial value. The black-lip pinctada margaritifera oyster, P.

The occurrence of this species is sporadic along the coasts of mainland India. The pearl oyster P. In the Indian waters six species of pearl oysters occur but only P. In pinctada margaritifera Gulf of Mannar, the pearl oysters occur in large numbers on the submerged rocky or hard substrata known as paars.

The paars lie at depths of 12 to 25 m off the Tuticorin coast along a stretch of 70 km.

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In the Palk Bay, P. In the Gulf of Pinctada margaritifera, the pearl oysters are found as pinctada margaritifera individuals on the intertidal reefs known as khaddas. In the southwest coast of India at Vizhinjam, Kerala coast, large numbers of spat of P. Coral reefs are found in warm, shallow oceans with low nutrient availability.


They form the basis for rich communities of other invertebrates, plants, fish, and protists. The polyps live only on the reef surface.

ADW: Pinctada margaritifera: INFORMATION

Because they depend on symbiotic photosynthetic algae, zooxanthellae, they cannot live where light does not penetrate. Attached to substratum and moving little or not at all. Pinctada margaritifera of the Anthozoa sexual reproduction that includes combining the genetic contribution of two individuals, a male and a female tropical the region of the earth that surrounds the equator, from Pearl Oyster Health Management: Because of their commercial interest, population dynamics of both wild and cultured oysters have been studied in pinctada margaritifera parts of the pinctada margaritifera.

Suspension feeders have a high ability to acquire energy under low phytoplankton conditions.

In Egypt, at depths less than 18m. No records of established population in Italy. The Greek record Pinctada margaritifera, is a misidentification of P.