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The Basics of Investing This chapter really breaks down into three parts. The first part is incredibly simple: This is basically a commandment in this book and for good reason — following it is pretty much the only sure way to financial success. The second portion outlines peter lynch learn to earn five places where most people can put their money: Lynch is obviously a stock investing advocate, but he does a good job outlining the other areas of investing as well.

In general, he recognizes cash and bonds to be relatively safe, seems to not like real estate investing much at all too much manual work and too much riskand finds collectibles to generally be far too speculative.

The rest of the chapter peter lynch learn to earn on stock investing, where Lynch is an expert. At a time when individuals have to make important decisions about saving for college, this failure to provide a basic education in investing can have tragic consequences.

Young or old,there is no better time to start investing than now. It can put you on the road to prosperity for the rest of yourlife. Lynch and Rothchild cover the gamut on investmentfundamentals and principles, from choosing stocks, to picking abroker, to reading an annual report.

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In Learn to Earn, Lynch and Rothchild explain in a style accessible to anyone how to read a stock table in the daily newspaper, how to understand a company's annual report, and why everyone should pay peter lynch learn to earn to the stock market.

Elias Hasket Derby of Salem, Massachusetts, a seafaring merchant who refused to get involved in the slave trade, was reputed to be the wealthiest person in the country.

Learn to Earn

Today, his house belongs to the National Park Service and is open to the public. It's only a few hundred yards from the House of Seven Gables, the setting for Nathaniel Hawthorne's famous book. The fact that everybody knows Hawthorne and not Elias Hasket Derby tells you something about the relative importance of literature and finance in the schools.

Several hundred miles to the south, a Baltimore merchant, Robert Oliver, had also collected a sizeable fortune, but during and after the Revolution, the richest person in America was thought to be Robert Morris. peter lynch learn to earn

Learn to Earn Audiobook on CD by Peter Lynch | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster Canada

Morris formed a business syndicate that bought and sold ships. His ships sailed from the West Indies to Europe and back again, sending tobacco and foodstuffs in the European direction and bringing cloth and manufactured goods from them to us. He was chairman of a secret committee that supplied the revolutionary armies with coats, pants, shirts, and gunpowder, and his companies got peter lynch learn to earn contracts to supply the army.

Morris became superintendent of finance under the Articles of Confederation, and he was an avid supporter of Alexander Hamilton and of Hamilton's pet project, the first national bank. Morris believed that only the better class of people should run the country. He argued for the superiority of gentlemen such as himself, for there was no doubt in his mind he was one.

He was entirely opposed to Jefferson's idea that the small independent farmer was the backbone of the nation and should be given the right to vote. Like peter lynch learn to earn of the great wheeler-dealers who followed in his footsteps, Morris built his empire on money borrowed from the banks.

He had many friends in high places, and since his biggest customer was the army, we could call him the original big defense contractor. Also like some of our modern wheeler-dealers, including Donald Trump, Morris overextended himself and borrowed more money than he could pay back.

Review: Learn to Earn

There was a lull in the shipping business, his financial empire collapsed, and Morris declared bankruptcy. In those days, declaring bankruptcy was a very serious thing to do, because owing money to people and not paying them back was a crime.


Morris spent three years in a debtor's prison in Philadelphia, where one of his visitors was George Washington.