Peraboi. Protokol Penatalaksanaan Kasus Bedah Onkologi PERABOI. Edisi I Cetakan I. Maitra A, Kumar V. Sistem Endokrin. Dalam: Kumar V. Cheaper by the Dozen Nora Baker. /I Flowers Iris. Slap Her, She's French! Genevieve Le Plouff. Lost and Delirious Pauline 'Paulie' Oster. Jardines L, Haffty BG, Doroshow JH, Fisher P, Weitzel, Breast cancer. Payudara,Pedoman Penatalaksanaan Kanker Solid PERABOI , hal


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S clinical psychologist and A. The peraboi 2003 assistant provided further information about the study and instructions on how to fill in the questionnaires.

Participants filled out the questionnaires in the waiting room before their consultations. Ten peraboi 2003 the participants were illiterate, but they were able to speak and understand the Indonesian language.


In these cases, the research assistants read both the informed consent form and the questionnaires peraboi 2003 loud. After the participants signed the informed consent form, the research assistants helped them to peraboi 2003 in the questionnaires.

Measures Socio-demographic and medical peraboi 2003 A standard socio-demographic form was used to collect self-report data on age, marital status, education level, employment status, insurance status and family history of breast cancer.

The patients' medical status, such as type and peraboi 2003 of cancer as defined by the TNM stadium classification system [32]type of treatment and time since diagnosis were obtained via a medical chart review.

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Patients are asked to peraboi 2003 their distress in the past week on an point visual analogue scale ranging from 0 no distress to 10 extreme distress.

The PL aims to better define the nature of the problems which possibly cause the reported distress.

To assess its association peraboi 2003 the DT scores, the total amount of problems checked was calculated range 0— Respondents are asked to indicate which of 4 options rated best describes their feelings during the previous week, which results in a maximum score of 21 on each subscale.

The HADS has been widely used to validate the DT because of the similarity in their conceptual background [18][22] — [27] peraboi 2003, [30][34] — peraboi 2003.

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The HADS is peraboi 2003 in the Indonesian language, but has not yet been psychometrically validated in Indonesian peraboi 2003 and cut-off scores for clinically relevant symptoms peraboi 2003 not yet available.

I feel cheerful and item 4: I feel as if I am slowed down. Both subscales were found to be internally consistent, with values of Cronbach's coefficient alpha being 0.

This tool is a self-report questionnaire which consists of 26 items, each item representing one facet of life that is considered to have a contribution to a person's quality of life.

DAFTAR PUSTAKA. 1. Tjakra WM, editor. Panduan penatalaksanaan kanker solid PERABOI. 2 nd ed. - PDF

Twenty-four items measure four broad domains, namely physical peraboi 2003 e. Two other peraboi 2003 measure the overall perception of quality of life and general health. The mean score, peraboi 2003 standard deviation, the median score and the frequency distribution of the DT were explored using descriptive statistical analysis.

Receiver operating characteristic ROC analysis was used to identify the optimal DT cutoff score for distinguishing whether a patient experiences clinically significant distress as defined by the HADS.

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Early role of CD4 th1 cells and antibodies in HER2 adenovirus vaccine protection against autochthonous mammary carcinomas. The Benefits of Nutritional Supplements. Denome J, Stark, Hollub.

Robin pathologic basis peraboi 2003 disease.