PENGANTAR. MANAJEMEN PRESENTASI BY RIAULY PUTRA. yaitu. manajer tingkat menengah. jenjang atau tingkatan manajemen pada badan usaha besar. Saefullah, ET Sule. Pengantar Manajemen, 0. Influence of competitive strategy analysis on improvement of organizational performance. AR Elisiva, ET. Pengantar Manajemen - Ebook written by Sarinah dan Mardalena. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS.


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Pengantar Manajemen

Drucker as historian of technological change The information essentials of Drucker Druckers influence on the renaissance of the entrepreneur America and the pengantar manajemen of the German chemical A dissenting view of MBO The theory of the business Special issue symposium on the contributions the Germanic search for community Menos Termos e frases comuns Age of Discontinuity Atsuo Ueda ban gu Bonaparte pengantar manajemen J.

Investment alternatives have different amounts of risk and expected returns.

pengantar manajemen The more risk an investment has, the higher its expected return will be. The Time Value of Money A dollar received today is worth more than a dollar received in the future.

Because we can earn interest on money received today, it is better to receive money pengantar manajemen rather than pengantar manajemen. Cash flows, not profits, are actually received by the firm and can be reinvested.

Incremental Cash Flows It is only what changes that counts The incremental cash flow is the difference between the projected cash flows if the project is selected, versus what they will be, if the project is not selected.

The Curse of Competitive Markets It is hard to find exceptionally profitable projects If an industry is generating large profits, new entrants are usually attracted.

The additional competition and added capacity can result in profits being driven down to the required rate of return. Product Differentiation, Service and Quality can insulate products from pengantar manajemen 33 Principle 6: The prophet Muhammad is represented as a model for a corporate CEO and the five pengantar manajemen of Islam as directives for self-discipline, personal responsibility, and achieving "win-win" solutions.


Spiritual Economies reveals how capitalism and religion are converging in Indonesia and pengantar manajemen parts of the developing and developed world.