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The editors can slather all of the lipstick they want onto this Pig, but in the end it is still a Pig.

Sorry to see a good publication pc world magazine, but I am canceling my subscription and getting my money back. The editors at PC World do not deserve my money or loyalty any longer, they have screwed their loyal customer base for the sake of additional profits. Bye Bye PC World.


Sep 8, InfinityPlayer You give us an 'update'. Usually these things are an improvement, but not this time. I prefer the previous version, cos the way the articles were shown was much pc world magazine than being pc world magazine to look at every single page of articles that I have no interest in.

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PCWorld offers buying advice through opinionated reviews, provides authoritative analysis of technology news pc world magazine trends, and gives practical tips on everything from troubleshooting Windows to securing wireless networks.

It ceased publication inand I just discovered that its recent revival as a website seems to be over, too. Rather than forking it over, I kept it and ate it up.

Please tell me that the statute of limitations has passed.

For years, I did most of my computer-magazine buying at Out of Town News in Harvard Square — an institution most famous as the place where Paul Pc world magazine bought the magazine which inspired him and Bill Gates to found Microsoft — and as I approached the computer-magazine section, I began to scan it for new titles from a distance.

Even after I got into the computer magazine business myself, I was a computer magazine fan. Monday was a big day: It was when InfoWorld and PC Week arrived via snail pc world magazine, telling me and everybody else what had happened in the industry during the previous week.


I reserve the right to get all misty again the next time a computer magazine folds. If you could have shown me the web in pc world magazine, or evenI would have cheerfully traded an infinite number pc world magazine computer magazines for the chance to read an endless, endlessly diverse quantity of information about tech products, updated not once a month but all day, every day, for free.

The golden age of computer magazines was glorious, but the golden age of computer journalism is now.