Dr. Paul Nogier, recognised worldwide as the “father of Auriculotherapy,” was a medical research scientist. As physician, in particular he practiced acupuncture. Free Two Hour Hands on Workshop Advanced Clinical. othef, which put the invention of auriculotherapy into context. Then, I will present how the inventor of auficulothefapy, the French acupuncturist Dr Paul. Nogier.


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Today we know that the surface of the paul nogier auriculotherapy ear carries areas of lower resistance that appear in case of a presence of a functional disorder.

Every point on the ear corresponds to a well defined part of the body.


A real cartography is present on the ear. By the help of these two methods of detection, which are the search for painful points and the points of lower cutaneous electrical resistance, it is possible to do first the diagnosis by a thorough examination of the ear.

Then, as a second step, one can initiate a therapy by treating the ear points with physical means: Inin Lyon, the World Health Organisation held up a working group on the standardization of the nomenclature of the auricular points.

This group was presided by Dr. On this occasion, Dr. The Dutch East India Company actively engaged in trade with China from s to s, and its merchants brought Chinese acupuncture practices back to Europe.

Doctors working with the company had become impressed by the effectiveness of needles and moxa, paul nogier auriculotherapy cauterization of the external ear, or by cutting the veins behind the ears for relieving conditions such as sciatic pains and arthritis of the hip.

In probably for the first time in Europe was described by the Portugese physician Zacatus Lusitanus the treatment of sciatic pain by cauterization of the ear after that bloodletting had failed. The Italian anatomist and surgeon Antonio Maria Valsalva —who made the first modern anatomical description of the ear; in published the Aura Humanus Tractatus, where he describes the treatment of toothache by scarification of antitragus.

Ignazio Colla of Parma, Italy, reported the observation of a man stung by a bee in the antehelix which resulted in dramatic relief of pain in the legs, and in the paul nogier auriculotherapy year Dr Cecconi, another Italian physician, performed cauterization to help treatment of sciatic pain.


In the French Journal des connaissainces medico-chirurgicales reported 13 different cases of sciatic pain that had been treated by cauterization with a hot iron applied to the ear.

Only one of the patients paul nogier auriculotherapy not improve completely.

Scientific Basis of Auriculotherapy: State of the Art

But it was not until a century later that Paul Nogier rediscovered this type of treatment. The Father of Ear Acupuncture Paul nogier auriculotherapyDr Paul Nogier a physician resident in Lyons, France, first presented his observations of the somatotopic correspondences of the ear.

Therefore, it necessary to consider Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM with its longstanding traditions of use and modern improvements of Occidental medicine because of important basic and technical progress in that system paul nogier auriculotherapy knowledge.

According to the historical work done by Huard and Wong, 3 the first written document about Chinese acupuncture is the Nei-Jing The Inner Canon of Huangdi or Yellow Emperor's Inner Canonprobably produced during 3 bce and permanently enriched by new contributions.

He published an adequate French translation of the Nei-Jing. The Qi uses the meridians to circulate, with many variations in relation to individuals, day and night, seasons, etc. A specific immutable terminology exists in TCM; this terminology is not in present biomedical academic language.

This situation does not make it easy to communicate across Oriental and Occidental medicines. At the present time, increasing cultural and economic exchanges are occurring between China and almost all parts of the world, which explains why teaching programs of TCM are introduced more frequently in different European countries.

In addition, it is important to realize how Occidental medicine has changed profoundly, according to the incredible progress made in all domains of science during the last 2 centuries, leading to paul nogier auriculotherapy scientific discoveries.

Life sciences are so advanced that no single scientist is able to have an holistic perception of biology, physiology, genetics, biochemistry, immunology, pathology, etc.

Conditions affecting the physical, mental or emotional health of the patient are assumed to be treatable by stimulation of the surface of the ear exclusively.

Scientific Basis of Auriculotherapy: State of the Art

Intrigued, Dr Paul Paul nogier auriculotherapy decided to investigate this phenomenon and found that points on the external ear corresponded to certain organs or systems. After more than fifteen years of experimentation, he established a map of the ear.

The shape of all of these points fairly closely resembles the image of an inverted foetus.