Pdf ley de divorcio ms actualizada en republica dom, pdf learning from las vegas, pdf les secrets des riches, pdf leo browerbeattles. In I met in Mexico City petroleum engineer Pablo E. Hawnser, According to Hawnser, Truth reunites the spiritual and the scientific and both of them, .. Kandy's blog can be found at evidencia del contacto extraterrestre (Spanish Edition) [Pablo E. Hawnser] on El libro está plagado de información científica y espiritual.


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Perhaps our consciousnesses as experiential interpretation spaces with an infinite potential are populated by unconsciously incorporated mental objects that possess and freeze the possible range of our experiential subjectivities and the levels of inclusivity or pablo hawnser libros consciousness we can achieve broadly defined as our perspective-taking capacities.

It intends to show that many more contactees other than the ones just mentioned along with their alleged extraterrestrial friends also possess an indispensable sense of the sacred even if pablo hawnser libros is expressed under different intensities and style.

Towards an Exo Hierology

Since most references about them are in Spanish I provide pablo hawnser libros whenever necessary. He was told of the need earth humans also have to understand in a reasonable way pablo hawnser libros the intellect how spirit and matter stem from the same source and combine.

According to Hawnser, Truth reunites the spiritual and the scientific and both of them, including physical matter, universal laws and all of the planes of existence stem from God.


These extraterrestrials who live as an ideal human society in a higher third dimensional level eat very light and delicious meals, have non-violent sports and work told him that there was a community of civilizations that had reached a basic level of understanding on how spirit and physics intertwine and that this community was organized by more evolved beings which allowed pablo hawnser libros to interact in a limited fashion with incipient civilizations like ours.

This tunnel allegedly functioned as an old and longtime closed ventilation duct for that city and he and his friend could only go so far due to pablo hawnser libros terrible stench and lack of oxygen.


After pablo hawnser libros contact experience, Mr. After being shown in an astral state the entrances to other dimensions used to illumine the underground city and for extraterrestrial space travel Mr.


Portugal was also told by his astral guides: Return to your countries and think carefully before speaking. This has been contemplated but the shifts have to be produced by you. I bid you farewell thinking in the good use of your intelligence and criteria to face the changes that will lead Man to recognize his interior essence and to pablo hawnser libros and understand that his own essence is Eternity!

They also teach that through experiences of love and empathy we can activate those dormant genes ready to generate a more spiritually aware human species. Their sense of the sacred and of service for loving, mystical reasons can be discerned in the following statements: GP- How was your third experience?

VK- On May 15,Quispe the pablo hawnser libros and I went for a walk to the hills and we met with shepherds in huts near a campfire. Out of a hut came a crying boy and a crying lady. We asked this lady why she was crying and she responded that a week ago one of her boys had fractured his spine and several ribs.

Then we went into the hut to see her boy. He was about ten years old and his body had a deep blue color associated with gangrene.

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We asked her to allow us to take the boy to the town of Caraz for treatment. I was expecting them to dance naked and invoke the spirits when suddenly a small airplane descended vertically without any noise.

Everyone around the campfire stood up when a woman stepped out of this craft, approached and pablo hawnser libros into the hut.

Carrying the little boy in her arms, pablo hawnser libros took him into the airplane a previously landed ET craft camouflaged as an airplane. Everyone around me kneeled down, but I remained standing until my companion told me to kneel.

He is a regular, well-educated, professional and has only had a few TV interviews.

He strikes me pablo hawnser libros sincere and balanced. These beings with a positive orientation seek the collective improvement of their multi-race group while the negatively oriented only seek to benefit their own race.

He says that both those with light and those of darkness reproduce sexually, except for the grays that have serious problems because of having engaged in too much cloning.

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He says that the latter are on the way of not being able to produce bodies that can house souls with consciousness. Among negative ET races he mentions dinoids, insectoids, reptiles, dracos, and some non-physical which are vampire-like.

A reason for the conflict in Atlantis was that some defended humans and some — like the reptilians — wanted pablo hawnser libros interfere with us and adversely modify our genetics. Extraterrestrial races cannot lie and have to tell the truth when confronted and asked if they are from light or darkness because if they lie cause and effect manifests for them pablo hawnser libros faster.

Both those of light and of darkness are waiting for humans to contribute their original wisdom to either polarity.