Generally a local limited liability company operating in from the construction ordinance (ordenanza de construcción), without changing the current rules of construction. Some municipalities -- for example, Las Condes, Providencia, San. Ordenanza 2 de de la Municipalidad de María Elena (ordenanza local sobre ley y decreto de de la Municipalidad de Las Condes. PLAN REGULADOR COMUNAL VIABILIDAD COMUNA LAS CONDES Proyectos Futuros PLAN REGULADOR COMUNA LAS CONDES TEMAS A TRATAR.


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The Metropolitan Region urban freeways are listed below: Inquiries can be made in writing to info fcab. DGAC also authorizes air navigation, airport, and meteorological services in order to ensure all such activities are safe, effective, and sustainable.

PLAN REGULADOR COMUNA by Bernarda Vergara on Prezi

As stipulated in the aforementioned regulations, it is ordenanza local las condes in Chile to fly over regiments, military areas, the government palace, government ministries, and wildlife protection areas, among other locations.

Low-altitude flights must also be approved directly by the authorities of location to be flown over.


Helicam use in Chile ordenanza local las condes currently in the process of being regulated in accordance with international standards. Therefore, in authorizing the use of grips in aerial shots, the DGAC consults the international grip registry. To date, only two Chilean companies have been certified for such work: The form to request authorization to fly over or land in Chilean territory is available online at: Private areas and spaces under concession shops, Duty Free, transportation, catering and food services, currency ordenanza local las condes, etc.

Diego Aracena Airport, Iquique. Cerro Moreno Airport, Antofagasta.

Chile Forum

El Loa Airport, Calama. La Florida Airport, La Serena.

Mataveri International Airport, Rapa Nui. El Tepual Airport, Puerto Montt.

Depending on the region involved, filming requests must be made ordenanza local las condes the corresponding regional office of the Ministry of National Assets Seremi de Bienes Ordenanza local las condes. The Chilean Film Commission can assist producers in channeling requests to the Ministry of National Assets; such requests must be presented at least 15 days prior to the estimated start date of shooting.

Requests must include pertinent information about the production company and details of the shoot itself. In many cases the Ministry has passed the concession of certain properties and territories to third parties, and therefore producers must verify whether a selected location is managed by the Ministry of National Assets or another public or private entity.

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These locations may include buildings, archeological sites, or national monuments, many o which are privately owned or administrated by indigenous communities, municipalities or other entities; nevertheless, requests for filming in these locations must be submitted to the CMN along with all pertinent information regarding the types of intervention to be made, the precise location s to be ordenanza local las condes, the number of people participating, the exact date, and a description of the project.

In cases in which no physical intervention of an archeological monument is required, whether recording or other type of activity, no archeological permit is required, but it is best to inform the CMN using the Archeological Authorization Form format. Hiking, biking, and skiing expeditions in the mountains, car rallies, amateur photographic excursions, and other outdoor pursuits do not require authorization from Ordenanza local las condes.

The Border Department will coordinate the authorizations required from other institutions.

Submit an expedition ordenanza local las condes with start date at least 20 days prior to entering the country. Provide a list of all participants, including their full name, sex, nationality, passport number, and its country of issue.

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For extended treks, a map or sketch of the intended route should also be attached.